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Is it just me or is everyone's iPhone broken down now that they've released a new one. Always happens. The same day the brand new $3000 one comes out. Mine will no longer take charge. It no longer accepts the charger and the portal what does but doesn't work. I'm going to charge it one of those things. You put it on top of now. Luckily we've got one. We've got to carry that around the place to charge before. Anyway. Welcome to Tuesday here till 12, enjoying the discussion of a mop up from the funeral Pitt got some questions about that's been good. About the tall guy about the horse summon said it's a Welsh pony, something it's a party someone's at the fell pony. You wonder why a country so small would have such a varied breed of horses I presume they're poured from the continent, were they? I am quite festive at the lineage of horses. Someone will know. And people seem to be loving talk about the Jacob Gloucester. 9 O 8 gets Marcus welcome hi, just to give you an update of the digger Costa, his full title is his royal highness prince Richard, the Jacob Costa KG and grand cross of the Victorian order. He's the colonel in chief of the royal army or New Zealand. I mean, medical core. He took over from his father and took over the estate and the. Winners father died. And he's been doing royal duties and he and his family. Well, this was in 220 ten when he came to New Zealand and presented the medical core with his Jacob because banner. And they were living in Clinton Paris. Did you because my next question was going to be, did he come to New Zealand? Did you meet him here? I didn't physically meet him, but I was there at the parade for the benefit parade. It was a lag very important program for the royal museum and I mean medical core school. The Queen Elizabeth the Queen mother was the colonel in chief before him. And why does he have that relationship with the medical cause he'd been involved in service in that way? Then I couldn't tell you. I don't know where that is. I did meet the queen mother I had afternoon tea with her at Earl's court in London. Because I took part in the royal tournament in 1980. Can you tell me about what that is meant for those that don't know? The royal tournament took place in Earl's court and it was people may remember the running of the guns with again crews stripped down. Yeah, I think that was I do remember watching that. Yep, yeah, that moving on telly. And they have various units from around the world. And in the end, because it was the 8 celebrating the idea of based day of the majesty of Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, all the cause New Zealand army medical corps British Army, Australian army, and then there was direct wefts and arrange in other units and there was a mess parade and salute to the major sea the Queen Elizabeth the Queen mother. And were you in the medical cormac? I

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