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They have on defense. So I'm excited about this opportunity. Yeah, he is. And he pretty much told everybody he was excited. He can't wait to get to work. He said, Ron Rivera led the process he met Jason Wright Martin mayhew. Marty herne as well. He was asked if the snyders were involved to they did not mention that and they were not in the press conference as well, which maybe probably didn't expect them to be. But Ron Rivera said he has talked to Dan Snyder throughout this process and take your time, get the right man and Ron Rivera was ready for Eric the enemy to be the man. He waited for him to win the Super Bowl, and then they got the deal done. Next up, he's going to get to finish assembling his offensive staff. All right. So you should be excited about this. I am. Okay. Sounds good. I want you to be excited. What did he say about the offensive line? That's going to be up top. And that's a need. They need to address that. And he knows that. He just got here. I'm just checking. The other good news of the day, Alex Ovechkin will play tonight against Anaheim says his head coach, George Wallace. All right, George, thank you. One 47, signing bonuses are not just for athletes, some local police departments are using them as a way to bulk up their ranks Kate Ryan has details about one of them. Prospective police recruits looking to join the Montgomery county police force could see a signing bonus of $20,000, part of a plan to make the county more competitive when trying to fill vacancies. Other counties offer $10,000, but Montgomery county executive Mark L rich said, Montgomery needed to match Anna rundle county's offer. $20,000 is pretty compelling. There's no point in putting out a bonus that people would say that's nice, but I can get more and interrupt county. D.C. also offers a $20,000 signing bonus. Now recruits would not get the money in a lump sum, members of the new recruit class starting in June would be eligible. The deal still requires approval by the county council. Kate Ryan, WTO

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