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We went to see different pueblos. I basically give my game, my boyfriend that tour of the public revolution so where the different battles happened and some of those things. So we went to, we went to him as which was decide of one of the martyrs from one of my paintings from the eighteenth century, he died over there. We went to Santa Fe where everything started, we went to alma where in in the late fifteen hundreds. Kissed other just order everybody to get their fuck feed shopped because they murder his brother. So he had like fifty young men's feet cod in the late fifteen hundreds. And right now in the sites in site Santa Fe, which it's a big gallery slash museum in Santa Fe. They have the biannual and it's it's, it's it's concentrates allowed on native American art and resistance. So they actually cast it the the food of a statue of on yet because in the nineties, there was this Datu of yet that was erected in town in in New Mexico and people protested. Because why are you putting the fucking the statue of this murderous men? You know, somebody actually cut the feet off and they recast it that in this part of the exhibition. So check it out the sights on a so we did a lot of that. So it was like four days of intense just like going to every single site. If you haven't. Been to Oklahoma bitch. Have you been to Goma? Yeah, that's where they have that the church where the the dirt is holy. No, that's to my you. Oh yes. Then I, it sits on top of a Messer. Oh, I have been there to. Yes, and it's amazing. They give you towards its little weird because people still live there. So you feel like a voyeur. But when you get the right tour guide that tells you about it's the whole tour becomes a native resistance toward the tell you in from here from this point with through the Franciscan, and he died and we resisted against them and blah, blah, blah. And it's just it's really interesting and plus the topography. It's fucking amazing. So we spent a couple hours there in a way back to to to Vegas, and then we got here..

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