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Running an informal preparations for the first debate with job I no longer more formal preparation session was set for this afternoon once he arrives in Cleveland tonight, not even a debate. The first Between the two Also a townhall dot coms from New York City voters have received absentee ballots with the wrong names and addresses on the return ballots. Of all the ballots were sent to an unknown number of voters in Brooklyn and result in some ballots being voided if voters signed their own name on return envelopes with different names. One official says the proper balance and envelopes will go to voters before the November 30 election. Super confident supposed to solid game this month, Shelly Adler reports US consumer confidence rebounded more quickly in September than most economists had expected. However, it remains far from the levels that were the norm before the pandemic. The conference for It says its consumer confidence index rose sharply by 15 points, largely due to a more favorable view on current business and labor market conditions. Consumer confidence is closely watched for signals about consumer spending that accounts for 70% of U. S economic activity. I'm shelling out there that on Wall Street stocks now lower the Dow off 74 points. The NASDAQ is down. Six more on these stories at townhall dot com. This show was pre recorded and sponsored by the word on well Financial network hears the word on wealth. My retirement update from five star wealth manager certified financial planner Marty Schneider, the retirement professor. Time for our daily chat with Marty Schneider, the retirement professor. I'm Noah Dingli things for joining me, Marty, How are you? Hey, Noah doing great, and I thought we would talk about again today. It's always good point to put out there when you're seeking a financial planner. Are some of the best questions you can ask to determine whether they're a good fit for you. Great question. You know, financial planners and advisors tend to kind of specialized in a particular age, bracket or market area. So, for example, you know the bulk of my work I know is in the retirement and retirement planning section, so I I tend to work with folks, you know that are closing in on retirement, maybe within 5 to 10 years, and so I'm comfortable in that area. There may be other financial advisors at work with young or families. Maybe they specialize in education planning for kids or grandkids. Others may specialize in the state planning exclusively, so a specialty areas are very typical in the financial advising community. So you want to find out. You know when you interview somebody What? What is their specialty area? Do they have special expertise in in the area, So that's important. Biggest thing. Of course, you want to find out if you're working with the fiduciary, exactly or a comission salesman difference there is and it doesn't mean to say that there are in good advisors on Both sides of the compensation al. But as you know, life preferred to go the fiduciary route where deal and were Hill Teo, you know, always act in the best interest of the client. And it's not a transaction based business, which is the typical brokerage world. But that's on a commission basis and We're on a fee for management basis. So it takes away a conflict of interest that I think is really significant as clients might consider, you know, different advisors and then lastly, no, you want to find out the fee schedule. How does your adviser make a living? How are they paid? What's it going to cost you one of the fees in every account so that you're absolutely sure and clear And there's no surprises and that has to be revealed and disclosed and discussed. And so experience background time in grade, you know, specialty area fee structure, Fiduciary or not those air some of the very serious questions that you want to get cleared up before you would hire any financial professional and the feast scheduled to that's a great thing to talk about, because depending on whether you're with the fiduciary or Again on the other side. That could be a little bit different. You know, we can and people often forget how significant the impact of fees is over 15 20 year investment horizon. You know you're talking about 1%. For that period of time. It does add up and it does make a difference. And and you also want to find out the style of how the money's manager, the is it protected. Are these risk averse is their market risk. All of those really have to be a cleared up and Understood before you would engage anybody professionally. So take this and gather your financial questions. If you're looking for a great fiduciary financial planner come out into Marty Schneider's Mission Valley office for a free consultation. And it is just that absolutely freezing of Marty's A great fit for you 177 75 to 6. 1 807 to 7 P. L A and and the wealth of information you want to check him out. Advanced the retirement professor dot com. Marty, Thanks for stopping by the information Center. We'll see a little bit later on in the show. All right, Noah. Thank you Looking forward.

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