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Man, the love and support that I've heard from the stadium and teammates coaching staff. Players on the other team. Um I'm honored, really, and very thankful for everybody who You know, casting a ballot for not only me, but Jesse also, and also Winker. It means a lot I want to say, um, thank you to everybody that voted for me. Um You know what, man? I, uh I never thought this could happen for me. I'm very thankful. It's the first time since 2013. The Reds will have two starters in all Star game when Joey Votto and Brandon Fellows made it in 2013. NBA playoffs. Milwaukee beat Atlanta 1 23 to 1 12 Bucks up in that East final series three games to two NHL Game three of the Stanley Cup finals tonight. Tampa Bay at Montreal Lightning lead it there two games to none. MLS soccer tomorrow night. Since they got Cincinnati goes for the third straight match win and at the Houston Dynamo 8 30 on ESPN 15 30 Racing this weekend NASCAR Cup series and Xfinity series that wrote American Wisconsin Indy car runs Sunday in the mid Ohio Sports car Course. Unlimited Hydroplane run the Madison Regatta Gold Cup all weekend on the Ohio River. Formula One runs the Austrian Grand Prix Bill Dennison 700 WLW School, I want to introduce you. The Thundercats Technology. Thunder. Cat Technology is a premier provider of solutions not only for government organizations but educational institutions and commercial enterprises as a leader in cybersecurity infrastructure, unified communications and cloud technology, verticals Thundercats, not just a reseller. They are trusted Advisors for businesses and their clients Find out more. Under cat tech dot com. Thundercats tech dot com Hi.

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