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He is not meeting with the crown prince of Saudi Arabia who some of blamed for being involved with it. But was going to meet with Turkey's Reggie type air too. John kashogi was killed in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul Turkey now that meeting appears to be off to. Yes. I mean, I think Erta one would wanna talk about this killing. He's he's sprinkled out the details he wants to use it as leverage with the Saudis, and perhaps also with the United States. The president doesn't wanna talk about it. He said he standing behind Saudi Arabia. But Trump is starting to see the blowback I think for his position there. It's relations here with with on have gotten even more complicated. We saw Senate vote about the US role in supporting Saudi in the war. So we're seeing we're seeing the the blowback there is. So just briefly the meeting that hasn't been canceled is the one with the president of China. Could there be another trade deal announced or into the trade war? No one's expecting. It were expecting nice words, but no deal. Both sides are still waiting for the other side to say uncle I so look for them to be kind to one another. Her but not to have any breakthroughs that's appear national security correspondent, Greg Mireille. As we watched the ever-shrinking summit. It seems like between all these countries meeting in Argentina. Thank you. Thank you, Jeremy Ammon Bundy, the rancher who became a conservative hero. I in two thousand fourteen in a standoff with the government over unpaid grazing fees, and again in two thousand sixteen when his family led a standoff with federal officials in Oregon is now respectfully but firmly disagreeing with President Trump on what he says, his Trump's fear based anti immigrant rhetoric Bundy and his family were cleared of standoff charges in court. Another rancher family, the Hammonds was pardoned by President Trump. But Bundy is partying with Trump. Now in a Facebook video criticizing Trump and the media and those on the left who he says just wanted to give migrants welfare and the media and people on the right who say migrants are terraced paid. By George Soros, Ammon says migrants are embattled families and workers he joins us from his home in Emmett Idaho. Welcome. Thank you for having me gotten a lot of feedback. And we want to hear that. But I you say yes, there are perhaps some bad guys in these thousands of migrants who are coming, but you researched and found an impossible situation in the country doors that they were leaving. What did you find? Well, I, you know, I tried to go to sources that I can rely on that didn't have motives one way or the other. And what I found was stories like Christian thirty four who basically said he shut it up a small business less 'em hedgerow after gang members demanded that eighty three dollars per month for protection payment, and that's a fifth of his income. There was others that so that they face death threats after calling the police on on a game. And this is what the stories of finding in Honduras, and the reasons why they were wanting to flee from their that's on that side, the income side on this side, you very strongly tell your followers, and you have many this is also about a labor crisis in this country. Yeah. Absolutely. I mean, I'm an employer..

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