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I would say rehoused is in New Jersey is brought me back. I'm not there right now. But it's brought me back in the past New York is brought me back. Some Ramsey shows will lose me for like half a season. And I feel like with Vander pump rules. I'm gonna need them to hit me with some hot hot heat. And I'm not talking about Jackson Britney. I'm talking about the weird stuff. Like, I need everyone to just keep being like low key like unaware of how weird they are. Because that is the joy of Andhra pump. Roles is the candy. The nature of some of these individuals, and I don't know for really going to get to see that. I love the shady editing. I hope that's able to keep up more than ever. I feel like I've heard somewhere that they're breaking the fourth wall a little bit this season. I'm not sure if that's true. But I feel like at this point. How could they not teen? Mom, did it so well, and I've other shows of export it before. But teen mom did it really. Well, I think it's it's it's it's the thing to do. So Amanda Bines is back. I guess I don't know. If you guys read the paper magazine break the internet thing, I think that's their like brand now that they're they break the internet. And I mean when I say that I think that's our brand. Now, they've done this like five or six times. So I'm finally recognizing the pattern, but Amanda Bines is back. But I don't know if you read the profile, but I personally felt there was a lot missing there. I didn't I'm not comfortable with it. I'll just say it. I'm not comfortable with it. I feel like we're embracing it. Like, this is normal. I feel like what I saw. There was a lot of what we saw after Britney had her meltdown where she came back to the public. And was just like this is what I got like, I got my kids taken away. I am a basically a flop I have to earn back everything, and I look different. And it's because I messed up, and I did drugs, and I acted crazy in public. And I don't think that that's it. I think that that is really like I think that's exactly what a man does doing MandA. If anyone follows her what is allegedly her her real account, just Google if you don't know what I'm talking about you, probably if you're not in you're out like she locked it. But I'm in and she posted that she thought the people magazine spread was going to drop on December second, which is Brittany's birthday. She is also obsessed with Britney Spears. So I can only imagine that she's kinda taking the Britney she has a conservative ship, which is not discussed in the article from what I remember if it is. It's glossed over anyone reads crazy days and nights, or is even just familiar with everything that's gone on with Dan Schneider, leaving Nickelodeon this year on the rumors have circulated him for years specifically like regarding there's a lot. There's a lot of stuff if you just go Klett. Whether it's true or not there's a lot of accusations about what happened when Amanda was growing up which kind of explain a little bit of the mental trajectory of what we're seeing if you guys follow crazy days. Nights, which I really recommend. It's one of the oldest blind items out there. It's been around for twelve years. It's I find it to be more reliable than not I find that. A lot of is pretty true. We find out about it in the long run. Anyway, that's the great thing with the blind item. I've always just been a fan of them as someone who loves gossip and pop culture talk about them a lot on the show, but for anyone who's not with the blind item. It's a piece of pop culture news..

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