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The Throw 90 to 9 Game theater. Heller goes underneath the Johnnies alone. Hey, jam right over Jared Allen. He put him on a poster folks. Great shot blocker just got dumped on and the Hawks lead 104 87. Number three tied time as it's Heisman finalists the Heisman finalists on now first and goal from the seventh sprint right for Mac Jones to the end zone. E goes to the corner. Smith touchdown toe Vontae Smith with hardly any room to work with. Somehow, some way doesn't again. Oh, water Rosabal First Smith, his third touchdown number two, and Justin has a field day on the Tiger's Sean Kelly here on ESPN radio. Fine and right to write in one left, make the hand off the service station of lock Feel style on it. The end zone. It is caught. By Jamison Williams Touchdown, Ohio State another absolute growth thrown by fields, this one for 45 yards as he hit Williams and stride at the goal line on the number one play of the day and the best of the bunch. How about a Harris Hurdle as heard from Joe Tessitore here on ESPN Radio? First down and 10 Harris looking a bounce into the right side Joke's over and Irish defender and now Jay Harris is on the go. Unbelievable Athleticism by Harris. No Jay Harris. 25 hurdling over the Irish defense. Miles, my 53 magnificent yards. He jumped over Nick the cloud. Yeah, Those Alabama players got it done from every spot running back wide.

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