Aaron Judge Joma, Dj Lemay, Yankee Stadium discussed on ESPNews


Just turned on it. Not something, you see a whole lot, but couldn't have come at a better time for Aaron, Boone in the declared the deck. Clear, the basis now for Mayhew out at second base. DJ lemay. You. It is third hit of the day. He and Luke Boyd each with three hits. Swag miss from Aaron judge. Judges single said which between a walk it a fly out the pitch swing and a five. All right. Field pretty well hip that one back there that one is. Aaron judge Joma the opposite way. Goodness four team six in the top of the fourth. Clobber. Hey and this isn't Yankee Stadium short porch in right where it's like to gimme mill. He had to hit it. And that's the one thing I've heard the last two days from players down there. Whether it's talking about the short porch centerfield.

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