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Is Charlie hedges on the next Chapter Charlie and talking with we're having our quarantine conversations and my first one is with my dear dear friend Taryn vogue at who is A Renaissance Woman In colloquial that's Gypsy but she's Done so many different things in one of the things turn has done. Is You listen to the first half of the PODCAST. You could see the the extents the extent of her corporate activities but she has an idea of genius that we talked about maybe over a year ago and and I think that's worthy of rehearsing. Talk to me about your concept the genius Taryn well the concept of genius. It's really evolved over time but I the way I've really come to understand. Geniuses would number of different things come together but I just taught a class on genius And the way I said the name of the class genius is a VERB PEOPLE JUNIOR. The now like Oh. She's a genius or over he's genius or oh that's genius but really. I think the way the better way to think about genus. Oh genius thing her. Oh she's genius thing. It really is a verb. And the reason I say that is because jinx about ultimately it's about focus it's about focusing on something to the extent that you're great at it or genus added and then those moments are those epiphanies are those others or the brilliant ideas in those Com as part of the process of Genius Sing But I love I love Michelangelo. You know the same sculptor and painter his best. Coda us all the time and he said if people knew how much work this was they wouldn't call genius and he said that he is being chapel right. I was like that so true. I wouldn't call it genius And I I think that's such a troop thought about genius. I mean you look at anybody whether you know the great geniuses of our times like the Elon. Musk swimming mean these are people that are so focused on the thing Connotations than a genius Would you say if would nealon Moscow? It a nealon. Musk that in this definition. Well so if I go back to. Jean has verb right. And you gotta think well. Then what are you doing when you're genius thing and what you're doing when you're genius thing is a couple of things is you're you're operating from some level of passion? You're excited about the singer. Cases excited about electric cars rocket ships and engineering and You know in other people's cases they're passionate about painting or dancing or accounting or whatever. The thing is right either some level of passion and then the second part of it when you're genius thing is there's all these components of what I would call strategy right like you're good at strategy and strategy has two sub components under it You're thinking about it in a way that maybe someone else isn't that is unique to you. My sister for example is a really quite a genius Baker and she's got a a bake shop and the way she thinks about it. She is operating from goals around baking. That are just so interesting you know like she wants croissants to be artisan looking. She doesn't want them to look all uniform. She wants him to look homemade but like it just came out of a fringe of it. You know. And so she's just operating from sort of own set of goals for what she wants something to be that are different than most other people's And so then there's a whole sort of budget other things around like I've noticed patterns and genius and sort of other pieces of strategy. Which we we've got into an another show we go back and listen to that but then I think the third part of it is that when you're operating from passion and you're and you're doing all the things that sort of are the patterns of Genius Become Intuitively Then the third party. You have those moments where you're really channeling something higher than yourself. You're sort of opening yourself up to something bigger in idea to come through an moments or like when you're painting you're really letting something move through you. And that really is another component of genius. And so the way I come to really understand geniuses that you know how those prisons like you know when you see a prison like a glass prism and when the sunlight shines through it It can often be enough power to create a fire because it's focusing a ton of energy from the sun into a laser like focus. That's really quite strong. And and I think that's such a great visual for what I think that the act of genius thing is is that were the prism or taking the infinite creative potential of the universe and we're focusing like a laser light through us like we are the prism and our excitement is what creates the laser break. And that's why I've come to think about genius and so like Keep Looking. Balon muskets such a great example of genius you know. He was considered crazy for the early part of his career with electric cars. He's almost failed a number of times. No one thought he was a genius. Electric cars up until the stock price at eight hundred and fifty dollars a share recently. And then all of a sudden. Now he's genius and what I would say is if the only a genius when cars are selling when he came up with the idea and nobody believes him that the problem is as a society. Really terrible at recognizing genius in the early stages Yeah you know he was. He's genius look at the look at the writers genius riders. That never never never became famous until they died. And at what point were they genius long before we recognize it but they were genius. All right Sounds like tearing? It sounds like it's it's something about a an intention. Oh and conscious it's to access yourself and your own beliefs rather than leaving believing in the beliefs of society and the believes the beliefs of culture and truly the the boundaries and dare. I used the the word. Now the quarantine we quarantine our brain into thinking that that croissants need to look a certain way or the biscuits need to learn to look a certain way rather than creatively and interestingly which she had two break a boundary she had two break a barrier in order to do that and that in and that gives an opportunity to make genius of verb is win. Emmanuel Jones one said we all have secondhand beliefs. Because we believe what's been told us to believe rather than search ourselves and investigate ourselves and search literature and find out what we really do believe ourselves that it that it is our our system. It doesn't have to be in line with anybody else. System is that. Would you think that has to do with genius? I think that those are the there. There are people that that have really pushed us to the next level in terms of inventions Or in terms of art or something right. I mean you look at who invented the first airplanes or the first microchips or you know some famous artists that really push the edge so I think sometimes genius is about really pushing the edge to something new but I love the idea of the everyday genius the people that are the most fantastic servers at a restaurant you've ever experienced. They're just genius way about serving you or You know a local chef that is just genius at what they do in their craft. And so I think that there there are genes that push push us to a whole new height. But there's also those that are just so exceptional with the day to day and they're really the everyday genius Everyday Genie. So they're really. They're really is in a sense to the traditional sense of genius. But you're talking about Jeanson everyday way that all of this all of us have access to and all of us do in some way you know. We're we're operating from a place of passion and excitement and joy and we're focused and we care about something like that is the energy of genius it just may take us a while to reach a level of mastery. But you're gina saying all along if that makes sense is this. What you're doing now is a genius. You're you're you're you're you're trying to. You're trying to hide your Gypsy your Gypsy self under the guise of.

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