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Brand new music from L A guns, another season how and that's off their just released album that devil. You know? I'm Ralph Rasmussen. And we are just about wrapping up sewed one hundred twelve of the radio bypass podcasts. They appreciate you coming by. And checking out another episode as always and come back next Sunday for some more great rack enroll both old and new. I mean today we spanned fifty years starting to show off with something from nineteen sixty nine and now a whole bunch of songs from twenty nineteen so get all kinds of music for you both from the past and the presence and sometimes even the future when they release a track ahead of time. We'll bit before new album. So again, thanks for listening. I am an Aleve you with something from record that just had its birthday yesterday March thirtieth and that one was from Aerosmith back in. Two thousand four they put out a record called Hawkin on Bobo and took a couple of months, but it did go gold and showed pretty well on all the charts number five and the tap two hundred chart, and then even number one on the blues chart, which is pretty good considering Aerosmith isn't a straight up blues band, but honk on Bobo did have Aerosmith doing a lot of cover songs of blue songs that influence them when they were first getting in the music and some of the stuff that shaped the sound of Aerosmith. So I say that record just turned fifteen yesterday. Let's leave you with come back next week if you need anything. In the meantime, you can always drop me an Email at Ralph at radio bypass dot com. Or stop by any of the social media sites radio bypasses on all of those as well. Thanks again. For listening have a great week talk to you. Next Sunday, MRs Aerosmith with a tune called. You gotta moon. You got a. Fat. I'm good. Was

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