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Today. I'm joing stay without. You're listening to today. I'm John king. Let's now check the weather in China. Beijing will be cloudy tomorrow with a high of eighteen degrees celsius and a low of seven counting rainy with a high of nineteen and a low of sixteen last sunny with a higher fifteen and a low of four elsewhere London. Overcast with a high of fifteen and a low of six Washington DC sunny with a high of Toaff and a low of four Nairobi rainy with a high of twenty six and a low of sixteen and finally camera will be sunny tomorrow with a high of twenty three and a low of health degrees celsius. Now Scoble survey where we look at what's happening around the world. Joining me in a city is my colleague, we'll thank you. Join for seven Asia crowd of angry Hindutva teas are strutting women from entering holy temple. Despite a supreme court ruling that action illegal. The Vietnamese decent in writer known as the mother. Mushroom arrive in the US after serving time in prison, the OJ Neha quiz. Len became Australia's. Latest date to deployment allies abortion, repenting, central that made the practice punishable by prison. Wildlife officials are investigating a suspected dog attack in Australia's island state of has mania after fifty eight kingdoms were found to death moving onto Africa. Nigerian official is relieved. The killing to Muslim midwives are linked to extremists a South African court has convicted to white farmers of killing the black child. After man threw a sixteen year old boy from a moving truck turning to the Middle East for the ten million tweets relatively from Sates facs Russian and Iranian full farms have been shared the U N special on ROY to Syria. Have he will step down for personal reasons? After more than four years in Europe, at least nineteen people having killed and dozens. The wounded in a shooting and a college in Crimea, Norway's, prime minister has officially apologized to Norwegian women mistreated during the World War Two year relationships where the German soldiers look into lenton America. President Donald form has threatened to cut financial aid to endure us over large group of migrants heading towards the US ever zillion teaching the next generation of politicians at so far helped fifteen students secure government positions and a state and national levels. And finally North America EBay has filed a suit against Amazon accusing the Rato giant of using illegal tactics to recruit Salvors, the former president and CEO of USA gymnastics has been arrested for tempering with evidence related to the Larry Nassar abuse scandal. Thank you. That's what headline survey for today. Chinese president Xi Jinping is urging new measures to win the battle against poverty. She's. Says that China should hold fast to the globe to the goal of poverty relief and work harder for.

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