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Heard from Bob Muller earlier today, trying to figure out exactly what he said. It's not easy different interpretation Scott Jennings from run, switch PR one of my inside the swamp guys with us this afternoon. Scott hang tight wanna play on your colleagues, because you're on CNN all the time, Danna bash had to say about all this. He's saying, look the president, you know, could've committed a crime here. Maybe did commit a crime here. Because if he by saying explicitly, if I could clear him, I would have the flip side of that is he committed a crime? I did not have the power to -cially to pursue it Scott Jennings. That's one of your colleagues there, Dan abashed you agree with that? Well, I agree that the only outcome that can be had now is rarely in the lap of Nancy Pelosi. I mean I hear a lot of people screaming about all of this today, and there's a lot of folks mad about it. But if you wanna be mad at somebody that you're not getting the outcome. You want talk to Nancy Pelosi because most Democrats want to impeach the president. I think if you put the articles of impeachment on the health floor, there's not one that would vote against it. And she is the one who standing in the way. So I don't know. You know what the special counsel was trying to communicate other than by the way he has completely turned to standard of Justice on its head. It used to be, you know, guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Now is, you know, Winston's winter prosecutors exonerate people. That's not the way this works. But the, the, the, the condition that we're in Mark is there's a, there is a way to fix this. There's a wait, there's a remedy. It's called impeachment and Pelosi's your roadblocks. But when he goes up that you look, I think there's another one of those situations where the side that hates Trump or believes he broke the law. They're not changing their minds. The side that says there was nothing here. You know there's no collusion. We don't care about this other stuff. I don't think they're changing their minds here was an interesting news conference. And he basically said, in in my opinion, nothing new then was in the report and went further than that saying, look, if, if I have testify, which I'm not going to do, but you subpoena me, I'm pretty much going to say everything. I said today or what's in the report, nothing new? Yeah. That's exactly right. And he said, nothing new he would not say anything new in an investigation subpoena setting in front of the congress or you're now saying that he thinks molar has to testify. This is all a big scam. It is a scam to delay. It is a Stanford just push off the question of impeachment, the Democrats in the leadership. Don't wanna do it even though everybody in their conference wants to do it, sixty plus percent of democrat nationally wanna do it and everything they do. And they say is just a stand in a way to try to buy more time because they don't want to do if you wanna be mad about this today. Coleman people overseas office. Let's finally have it out on impeachment and see what happens because that really is the last true more to walk through here. There's nothing else that Muller is going to stay or would say that your last best hope if you want to end this presidency, then, pull the trigger, otherwise as a John Kennedy from Louisiana said the other day to you don't want to get off. The pot. All right. So look, the, the speaker thinks that the president wants to be impeach. Do you, Doug high on, you know, Doug, another CNN correspondent were pundit? He he felt like he might have been onto something there. So do you think that's one of the reasons she's not going to do that? Because politically, this may work in the president's favor. Well, I think it might work in the president's favor, but no, I don't think any president wants to be impeached. I mean, look, I mean, it would be a stain. I mean, even if he wins a second term, the idea that you were impeached, and it's sort of destroyed. You know most of your first term. No. I don't think anybody wants to be impeached. Everybody wants to be successful into heaven normal presidency. Look at this guy for two years, he's had his term sucked up by the rush investigation. And now for the next two years Pelosi, and company wanted to debilitate him with investigations impossibly possibly impeachment. Nobody wants this. But I'll tell you this if it if it put some closure on this whole thing, which he's sorely needs. That would be a positive outcome. We cannot just go on forever. Endlessly debating things that we already know we everything we know we're gonna know there's nothing else to nose. So let's stop. Let's stop the games and make a decision here. I, I agree with you. But guess what? I don't think that's going to happen. I think the games continued this is going to extend the discussion about impeachment and probably not lead to Nancy Pelosi pushing the the go button on that. So I don't know where this leaves us through the rest of the summer, I do think, and you have to sense, is that the American people are done with this stuff for the most part. And they except for the side, that is veraciously interested in nothing else, except for bringing down Trump. Yeah. I think the American people are done with it. I think the Democrats are decidedly, not done with all the polling on it is clear. They want this president, the ended right male, and I think they had so little confidence in the people that they have running for president. There's a lot of them that believe the only way to get Trump out of the White House, if not to wait for an election. But to impeach the guy tried to throw him out and to try to render this president the illegitimate. That's how little confidence, they have they can actually win the next election, which is pretty pathetic state of their party. If you ask me, what do you make of Justin Amash right now? And his moves. A monster. They ridiculous. Even being first of all, these people who are trying to portray into some, you know, this is a Republican in good standing. He's never been a Republican in good standing. He's a libertarian. If you look at the House, Republican conference voting records, he has the worst voting record as it relates to voting for the Republican Trump agenda. He's literally and land point literally in last place. And he has always been a contrarian to the party. I don't think he thinks of himself as an actual Republican. I see today everybody's making a big deal about folks at his town hall meeting, getting into standing ovation who shows up a town hall meetings, the angry mob. And so you go out and say, I want to impeach the president is gonna show up at the next town hall meeting. The angry Bob like if I took a poll, Mark of a hundred Democrats and found out one hundred people wanted to impeach the president. Would that be news? Of course, not this whole thing is nothing but it he's just aren't of a narrative. He's just part of a narrative now. The Republicans up there and nationally don't think of just in a modules one of them he will not be Republican, and I suspect, he's going to get beaten his next primary. You know, when it comes to the election next year, too, you've probably seen this. There's another piece. That's in the New York Times, I think it was in there today, and I've seen some other polling on this that say that the forecasting models right now. And you and I've talked about this a little bit. But this is continuing into the summer of two thousand nineteen that, you know, the economy and he comments he drive presidential election outcomes, and things are lining up pretty favorably for Trump right now, which again has to drive the Democrats crazy. Yeah. Historically at thirty two incumbent president run for reelection. Twenty two have been Victoria, so incumbency as an indicator, a lot of the economic forecasting model show advantage for Trump. You know that doesn't mean they will hold in the future. And I certainly think he could blow this. I mean, the prolonged trade war with China, if it were to somehow reduce economic growth, or God forbid pushes into a recession and negative. Growth saying the first second quarter next year. That would be a disaster for him. But I mean right now, you look at the resilience of the American economy, low unemployment rising wages growth is still going it. You have these Democrats out there. They're trying to talk it down, while the American people are saying, we've never had it so good. I just think there's an incongruity between where the Democrats want to tell us things are, and where things actually are at all. Trump has to do frankly is presided over it. It not step on it, which is more than capable of doing, but that's really his step on the progress, you creating Scott Jennings. You know what I'm not even going to speak of the unspeakable. I'm not going to bring it up because it's not right now we're going to focus on the blues. Right. I'm going to impeach the bullpen. I'm going to impeach the hitting. I'm gonna impeach the batting average. I've been peaching at all. Yes, I'm going to vote for it is. All right. So we already did what we said, we're going to do Scott Jennings. We'll talk soon. Take care. Thank. Thank. One jennings. Of course a big cardinals fan. We talk redbird baseball, most of the time, we skipped at this time, sort of need IT solutions. Visit our friends at Marco at Marco net dot com. For more information. Time for news update, here's Carol. Cory Booker calling on fellow congressional Democrats to begin impeachment proceedings immediately in the wake of special counsel, Robert Muller's public statement on whether President Trump obstructed Justice. The democratic presidential candidate and New Jersey Senator tweeted the statement after Muller spoke publicly for the first time a passenger bus colliding with a truck had on a long. One of Mexico's most dangerous mountain roads, bursting into flames eight deadly accident, reporting Adrienne Bard is in Mexico City. With more civil people died after the tour bus hit a truck on a curvy mountain road and burst into flames. According to Mexican transit authorities local radio reporters at the scene said, dozens of people on the bus were injured and many appear to be seriously injured authorities haven't revealed the nationalities of the victims at the crash site. The bus lay on its side with flames and smoke billowing out of the top the effort to prevent heat deaths during the hot summer months, officially kicked off today with Ammon, Missouri. Uri donating six hundred air conditioners and three hundred thousand dollars to cool down Saint Louis Amarin, misery chair, and president Michel Maine says it's important that those who received the units use them on other people get worried about bill's, but there are a number of social agencies to reach out to churches. They can certainly call us during a budget billing perspective, energy efficiency, but please if you have access to pulling make sure you're turning them on to.

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