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The attack came after police swept out dozens of tents from the officially closed Cale Anderson Park, a move this neighbor supports. I do. Think that they have the right to shut it down. If it got too out of control. Some neighbors have complained of smoke rising from illegal campfires here at the park. Police say the sweep also yielded weapons, including an explosive mortar, A hatchet and a machete on Capitol Hill. Corwin hey, HQ Momo News come on his time. 12 40, Minnesota star quarterback causes quite a stir with his stance on the Corona virus. Details from Bill Schwartz in this coma. Sports update Appearing on Kyle Brandt's Ringer podcast. Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins says he's not losing any sleep about getting covert 19 survival of the fittest kind of an approach and just say if it knocks me out, it knocks me out. I'm going to be okay. You know, even if I die if I died, I kind of have a piece about that. Well, cousin's not a fan of wearing facemasks. He does, so I have respect for others. NFL Corona virus protocol requires players to wear them in team facilities. The Seahawks have signed receiver Lance Lenoir and waived injured running back Patrick Car. We might see some college basketball games in the late fall and relate committee now recommending starting games November 25th. The proposal goes to the Division One council for a vote. Seattle Sounders with the 6 30 MLS soccer match tonight at really Salt Lake, and at seven in the Florida wobble. The Seattle Storm play hoops against the Washington Mystics. Sports updates in 10 and 40. After the hour I build Schwarz, Come on it 1 45/90.

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