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Switching to Geico is a no brainer on second thought. Maybe don't want garden gnomes to cavalry. People might talk. Adrian wochit around ski gets the credit for telling us that John beeline is now the new Cleveland Cavaliers head coach. We didn't know if it was real or not all of a sudden, we're like does. Whoa, jr. A fake account here. Talks escalated over the weekend with the deal reached yesterday league sources, tell ESPN beeline line informed. His administration this morning of his decision to make the leap to the NBA. He's telling his players now. What is he mid sixties? Yes. Sixty six. Okay. This isn't a money grab because he made good money three and a half almost four million at Michigan. He's done extremely well. You know, it's a defensive heavy system that he has there. But if you're gonna go to the Cavaliers now, I guess your banking on if we get Zion Williamson, then all of a sudden, you know, things Qodian get interesting here. I also look at this and go if the Lakers really wanted Tyler then let let me just put it into perspective here. Let's say they wanted Tyler Lou LeBron wants tie Lou Phil Jackson is you know. I guess he's counseling genie bus and saying, you know, Tyler would be great to bring in. But then everybody said we only want to give them three years because LeBron is tied to three years. So you're not really bringing in a guy that you think is your coach he's LeBron's coach. John Beland got a five year deal in Cleveland. Luke Walton got a five year deal in Sacramento. Monty Williams got a five year deal in Phoenix. If you're the Lakers in you, one time Liu and he's the right guy. Then give him five years me. What is it? If you have to pay him off and give him eight million dollars when it's all said and done ten million dollars. When it's all said and done is he the right guy for the next three years, then I don't care about that. And I know that it's just it sounds so dysfunctional in the Lakers organization, and I think that there's some outside pressure from what I was told on Saturday that you know, to for the bus family to sell now that maybe maybe some some people trying to add a little pressure here to see if they'll sell the team for the betterment of the Lakers, whether that comes to fruition, I can't imagine. But they're just so many people it feels like involved in this. And they're not people that you respect, and you go, okay. We're in good hands with them. That's the big concern. I have Frank Vogel. We'll be fine. Now. Find might not be good enough for you. But understand this is not a great team right now. And what is your future your immediate future? And what is it going to be in five years? Let alone three. But if you want Tyler oh and LeBron wanted tie Lou. And he was good enough for three years. He's gone. Got to be good for five years because tight Lou is done something more than any of these other coaches have done. He's at least been successful Mani Williams is I think going to be a great coach in Phoenix. I hope he gets the full five years to show how great he can be. But you know, Vogel is been a playoff coach. But he hasn't won a title. You know, Luke Walton was riding the coattails if he doesn't fill in for Steve Kerr and Golden State, and he doesn't get the Laker John. And then you have Tyler do if he was if he was the right guy. And I understand why you feel insulted. You're gonna give me three even heat. He's got to be going. Wait, Giambi Langa. What? Yeah. What he's never coached. The he got five years. Well, it probably was going to take five years to get him to prime away from Michigan. But we're gonna find out tomorrow night if John beeline made a great decision. The lottery is tomorrow night. If the Cavaliers win the lottery, and you're gonna go John beeline win the lottery to YoM, mclovin. Isn't he a defensive heavy coach, I don't want..

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