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That is Sabres General manager Kevyn Adams speaking about the draft class. And yesterday. The question I believe was was asked in the way of, you know, you know, I think it was Mookie Hawkins, who asked this question. And he asked, you know about Oh, and power, Just like you know. How do you feel about him? And, you know, is he going to pretty much be the next you know Josh Allen of this draft or something like that. And Kevin Adams had that response. He didn't necessarily mentioned Oh, and power and Listening to it again, You know, um, certainly it It leaves a little doubt in your mind as to if the savers are actually going to draft him. I mean, yes, I get it. The Sabres have been busy with the the coaching search and coach watch and figuring out what they're going to do. And they hired Don Granato. And yesterday A story comes out from Mike Morey Allen NHL dot com. Talking with Own power. Little bit of his future and whether he's going to make the jump to the NHL or go back to Michigan and play another year with the Wolverines, which I think is absolutely fine. Power can do that veneers can do that. Ken Johnson. Obviously he should do that. But Looking at the top of the draft, and we just talked with Will Scotch Great job with the scouting report on YouTube, and, uh, he's at Scow Ching on Twitter. He does a great job breaking down these these prospects and putting them in their own tears and rankings and He definitely said something that I would agree with. I would agree with the fact that I'm not necessarily so sold on Owen Power. Yes, I think Owen power had a good World Championship, and I think that at times he really he really did flashes potential at the car at the collegiate level, but There are certain things about Owen Powers game that Still needs some work. And you know another year college could potentially help with that. But Will scour each pretty much put it as you know, it took him time to adjust it with certain things. And there were certain aspects of his game that necessarily didn't come about, you know. Right away or didn't come about at all during the season, so We will have to see. But I'm looking at this year's draft that I'm looking at the top of the draft, and I really do like Matthew Veneers. I really like Matthew B. Ba nears a lot and if you if you missed it, and it's been a while since I I wrote these prospects Profiles, but I did write about Owen Power and I did write about Matthew veneers on our website. W gr 5 50 dot com. And Looking at Both of their games. Matthew Veneers is Definitely a player that people no matter where he's going to get drafted. People are going to love Matthew Veneers. He is a 200 ft player. He goes 110% 100% of the time. And he he's just never going to give up on a play. That's exactly what people in buffalo are going to love about Matthew Veneers and with Owen Power, and this is a and I hate bringing this up. Because this has been brought up in the past and talked about here, especially in Buffalo. If you're drafting Owen Power for size in skating. Do not expect him to be Zidane. Oh, Ciara. Tyler Myers when people when we drafted him, and everybody was just like, Oh, he's got to become the Sedano Ciara, please. Zidane Oh, Ciara's. They do not grow on trees. They do not come every once in a while. They are once in a lifetime players and the way this game is going Players like Zidane, Achara. Yes, they're still going to be around, but they're not going to be many of them. And for people looking at Owen power and thinking that Oh, well, he's got the six ft six frame £215 yada yada. Well, if he adds another £20 and adds a little muscle and gets tough, He can be the city. No trial. No, We cannot expect that of these guys, especially in today's game. A lot of these type of defenseman are going to Make the they're going to develop into these very good skating defenseman with heads up all the time and making these really nice plays and Owen Power is one of those guys who probably has one of the who probably has arguably the best vision of especially the defenseman in this draft class. He skates really well, but if you watch him, his head is always up, and he's always looking around trying to make the best passes and trying to make the best players. He's got very good vision. Very good hockey sense. And, you know, there are reasons why he is projected to be where he is at number one just because of the potential that he has Especially if he goes back to college this year and really puts it all together and starts to dominate at the collegiate level that will make that pick even more of a Oh, yeah, for sure, That's why he was drafted number one. However. Like Will said there are certain things with his game that there are still plenty of question marks about And I personally really like Matthew veneers. And if I am the Sabres at number one, I'm probably taking Matthew veneers. But Then again. Like I brought up You look at his Potential projection and and, you know, looking ahead at what he could become if he becomes a really nice second pair defenseman, especially on the left side. And if you have Rasmus Dahlin here in Buffalo as the number one defenseman who you know he's shown over the past few years that he can have that potential to become That top number one defenseman for an organization and and be able to do all he can do. The Sabres have Darlene and power 12. That's a really, really nice 12 punch on your defensive group, and especially with Ryan Johnson coming in who could be the Third or second pair left handed defenseman on the on the right side. You've already got Henry. Okay? How are you? And you've also got Will Borgen, Who's there? And Oscar relaxing and is a really, really.

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