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She light into makes the rational eyes you re a little i'm sure why seventy liberal women race to embrace islam unless they just hate the west they just hates america yeah takes the nation i can come out with this is the analysis political islam is the same is the announces of the sort of mock cyst social justice left on the old your professes along too and women like will will did a better and help this kind of stuff she said immediately off orlando members this is lesbian of course and jay mediocre led the she said the she's never received as much is from christians i just third relief she's going on their week gary and i have been travelling through louisiana tech says or visit one the biggest so get out of trouble stop you know to pick up some trek number some sometimes no get outta trucks the penalty in you know dress or what i do the productive when told us is already what his business never literally wearing address because we're having fun and i'm just you know being the silly averaging photos all the rest of them i'm in a truck stop in the middle of supposedly hateful you know real america's i like to call it and the was that anybody his as a this to me is then appeared you last over thank you very for you doing appreciate all praise is the worst because he's ever said to me and that's one of has the goal to blame christians from a faux be off to a muslim killed fourteen nine adam miller did another fifty gettys what are come never trust lesbian is.

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