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The show's producer, Roger Chan, we are going to look at some of the crazy form factors come into laptops, as inspired by some announcements, particularly one from Intel at Compu texts, which is happening in Taiwan but let's start with a few things you should know. Why is that a motion for summary judgment in its lawsuit that seeks to declare that, the twenty nine thousand nine hundred national defense authorization authorization act is unconstitutional, and that act was passed last summer and prevents federal agencies, and their contractors from using alway equipments? This is an older separate act from more recent restrictions enacted by the president. Hawaii's chief legal officer song. Whipping on Wednesday said that the company was reviewing ways to fight the other U S trade restrictions the writers, in Canada, and the US may risk being deactivated from the service, if they're Reiner ratings, fall significantly, and chances to improve ratings L, sorry below their cities average rather riders will receive several notifications and chances to improve their ratings before. Or being the activated might say, terminated anyway, Uber will offer tips to riders encouraging polite behavior and cleanliness chart version. Pope in your Ober. It's true story, Taiwan's media tech announced a five G compatible seven nanometer system on chip meant for lower end devices, the integrated five G sock combines media, Tech's m seventy five G.

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