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Baby the difference between what happens after the after the breaker. Or not. I mean, you Patrick Kane was talking about it. We've got to win these three games. And then you'll get a break. Get reset refresh to come back after and put a strong push to finish off the season. I think you've got to trust some of these younger guys. Inside the locker room to understand that they didn't play very well. And you know that the older guys were barest in that game. So for Jeremy a day off Tuesday, then they got back to work the next day here yesterday at at Madison Square gardens that a lot of fun drills, the heart skating's practice, but a lot of fun drills that everybody was kind of engaged in. And you know, hopefully that approach works. You can look at one or two ways the way that David Quinn. Did it they got the response that they were looking for season-high goals against the Carolina Hurricanes after getting seven goal to get some of that seven five watt against Columbus. The Rangers are in a little bit of a different situation. They're talking about the rebuild. And they've got a lot of young players on their roster. And they're talking about who they're going to move at the trade deadline to acquire assets of draft picks so on so forth with some of their older guys on the roster. Henrik Lundquist declined to be moved and said, I wanna be a part of this. This is where I want. I want to be New York. And would it be arranger? So even though he's an older veteran goaltender. He wants to be a part of what's going on here. And a little bit of a different tale of two teams. As far as what they wanna do on how they approach at the Blackhawks still have that mentality that, hey, listen, we gotta. We've got a fair down here. They know that they have to be a lot better in so many areas were the other night that was an embarrassment. Five straight goals scored at ten minutes span in the second period was just horrible and how they even hung around that game was kind of mystifying to a lot of the people who are around that game. And watching it just didn't play very well in all areas of some some top players had some real bad games. And I think maybe that's why when you look at it and say, you know, what our top guys got it responded the right way. Hopefully, they do here tonight. One of those veterans still not.

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