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I'm Seth Wayne in the KOMO weather center we're seeing clear skies over much of the state this morning just east of. The cascades Yakima seventy four degrees already this early. Hour Ellensburg sixty eight at up a deli I five corridor some clouds, in Everett along the waterfront fifty four degrees there fifty three and Tacoma and fifty eight in downtown Seattle Newburn, bans are in effect in several counties across the state and on land managed by. The department of natural resources outdoor fires abandoned Kitsap, county including recreational fires and the use of backyard fire kettles chimneys and fire pits similar bans are in effect on DNR land in, Mason county so far this year, forty-seven wildfires have. Been started by campfires so if you're, planning to go camping this weekend check the restrictions for fires where you are a big highway closure this weekend in Everett all westbound lanes of highway two between I five, and, highway nine will close tonight at seven o'clock in open early Monday morning Elliot Barrera with the State Department of transportation. Explain they're doing a big repaving Project on westbound US to repaving the Hewitt avenue trestle and this will be our fourth of six weekend closures this. Summer who's cannot do the work in the. Rain so the project's been delayed several times this summer but, the weekend forecast is dry road construction in Renton this. Weekend will mean lane closures Chris will be repaving and. Re-stripe in sections of I four or five between highway one, sixty seven and Talbot road starts at eleven o'clock tonight jobs expected to. Be wrapped up by early Monday before the commute a murder investigation is underway in Tacoma the killing happened your twenty-first. And south, m. street in, the hilltop neighborhood, there's just a few blocks from Saint, Joseph medical center police have not revealed many details about this but we know there. Was a report of someone being stabbed early this morning or. Getting a better idea of which bike shares will, stay in business in Seattle lime Uber's jump and a third unnamed bike share company have met the city's permit application deadline that means those three companies are willing to pay a quarter million dollar operating fee is a. Gross. Is the general manager of lime companies, have. Given their feedback on the The we've given our feedback but end of the day we've had a really great experience working. In Seattle and spin the yellow and orange bikes, are both leaving Seattle because of that new. Fee Alaska, Airlines is explaining a series of. Flight cancellations and delays yesterday the company says some Airbus planes were affected due to an unplanned maintenance issue no other details were given but Alaska. Was planning to complete most of the work overnight and get back. To normal operations today it would be. Wise to check, your flight status today and see if Alaska flights you're. Back on schedule I yell man is hoping to take his son home from the hospital today after, the boy was seriously injured and a suspected DUI crash near ROY August sixth komo's Keith Eldridge reports from Mary bridge children's hospital where five year old Noah Ana ware miss recovering three members of California family were killed Dong and comb key and killing Lee. Miles key survived Noah's mother amber Smith Lynn was charged with driving drunk and causing deadly crash as a terrible situation but you know whatever whatever she deserves anywhere and Smith We're not married she had custody of, Noah, he, says, he's newly married with two stepsons eager to welcome Noah now I'm, going, to get, custody it's a really sad situation that it had to come to this people to lose their lives for. It I, think about that every day as for Switzerland she is being held on seven hundred fifty. Thousand dollars bail, her, trial set to begin Tober I KOMO news another gruesome discovery, in Thurston county. Another, cat has been found mutilated this time in Lacey more from, komo's Tammy matassa investigators say police on patrol found the kitten in a. Park near Yonkers drive southeast and Lacey investigators say was on public display now that's the same, area where the first three cats were found mutilated of vet did a new crop and believes, the kitten was removed and mutilated by a sharp instrument like a, hatchet. Now at least eight cats have been utilized and, killed since February and there's a twenty, one thousand dollar reward to catch the serial killer they don't know. If this case. Is connected because this latest. Cat is younger than the others but they want whoever is responsible. To get caught the eighth in. A series of disturbing attacks like this on cats in the south sound KOMO news time six ten let's. Time it gets to the KOMO sports desk Tom, hutler after a day off yesterday right, back at it with. Forty games left in the regular. Season They're one of about, three teams of the. Realistic shot at the final wildcard spot or a playoff spot in the as in Yankees of the others tonight the marriages begin a six game homestand with the first two, three against the. Dodgers, it'll league series weight block on amount for Seattle starts at, seven ten fireworks after Seahawks play their first preseason road game tomorrow night. They visit the chargers in southern California Seahawks hoping to see something out of offseason acquisition Brandon, Marshall what are the top receivers in the league a few years ago quarterback Russell Wilson says, he's still has some enormous talent and experience exceptional today you know, he's. I think he's got the most catches of all, active receivers in the national football I'm, not sure about that I'm pretty sure guys are playing right now So he's, played a lot of football and he knows how to get preparing knows how to play at the highest level he's a really really good today, me a, lot, of, great catches called the. Wall Nian zone made some great catches in the field today showing up and so he he's working his tail and Seahawks hope that he can make. A, significant contribution to the receiving core game top tomorrow seven o'clock, in Los Angeles huskies. Over two weeks from tomorrow in Atlanta they held a game like, scrimmage for season ticket holders tomorrow at husky stadium and the Seattle. Storm would just two regular season games remaining hosted New York liberty tonight with a chance, to clinch. The top speed in seed rather it WNBA? Playoffs hip off seven, o'clock at keyarena sports at ten and forty past the hour Tom hutler on, the home, of, the huskies KOMO on his six eleven right.

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