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I've never seen archipelago moving gray so in a directory love. That's the film. we're tom tom. Huddleston becomes a movie star right. That's that's his breakthrough. he's in all her movies. he except for the souvenir he's very very good. Archipelago is great griffin. You'd really. I can't listen to movie podcast so i have. This is my lineup. Finished the rest of this episode. Then listen to the movie podcast. Them watch archipelago. Got busy night ahead of me. You're going to have fun by funding when you're gonna watch really awkward british movie. That's really good. Well that's fun for me. Exactly they fasttrack a sequel immediately right after that first weekend and then already in his. I'm the mastermind of my whole career. I have the plan. I know what i'm doing kind of thing. So they're like sequel. And he's like i don't know rob cohen has already been in development on triple x. Which they didn't have an actor for at that point in time over at sony a rival studio so then i think he tries to lure vin diesel over tibet. So they know vin diesels flirting with that they come up with two treatments for the fast and furious sequel one of which has dom in it is the continuation of the dom and brian movie and they also simultaneously develop another one knowing. There's a good chance that vince gonna pass. And the other one they develop is just it could be almost any crime movie like you know undercover cop movie. Just cars right. It's a premise. That if paul walker didn't return you could still do it. Do miami vice with some cars in it like. That's really what this premise is. And that's that is to be fair. I think the version with him in it still had a lot of elements of this. It was still like paul walker. Still a cop. He has to go undercover again. Dom would be in the roman pearce role but it was like trying to boss. Crime lord a sleazebag like this. And vince objection. They offered him twenty five million dollars to do a lot of money. Wow yeah i think. He got twenty for triple x. So it was like they had to one up. What do we all think of triple x. the first trip not a fan not a fan. It's a bad movie. I watched it a year ago. It's a movie that makes me uncomfortable yet. it's gross. It's kind of a ski movie. Rob colin turned out to essentially sex criminal. It's like it's like a fucking surge commercials. You know what i mean like. It's like it's like the energy. I i love extreme sports but like the extreme energy shit is like i'm not here for that and so triple x. doesn't land on me that well it's it's that it's like a very inauthentic. Representation of extreme sports culture combined with what feels like eight to authentic representation of eastern european sex rings. Like yes yes. Yeah that's what bums me out about. It and like i think van is pretty bad in a. He's just kind of like on autopilot. And he's just you know zander. Cage does not really have much of a defined personality. I guess. I fucking love return of zander cage where i feel like. He finally figures out with that garrick. That movie is silly. it's so good. And even like state of the union is fun in that way but that becomes like the fatal folly where it's like okay so does fast and furious. It's a huge hit. They go franchise he goes. No thank you. i'm making a new thing. He does triple x. It's a huge hit. They go franchise. It goes. No thank you. I'm going back to riddick. And he takes all the goodwill from both of those puts it on riddick craps out but that just shows you. Vin diesel is the master of his own. He's not this nerdy. Shit is more important than me. Now there's there's an interview the vendee did a couple years ago where they asked him about if he regrets the turning down too fast furious decision and he said like i was definitely tukaki at that point in time i was feeling too big for my britches but i also i probably should taking the money and done it like i probably done for the fans it probably would have been the smart thing for my career but he was like fundamentally scripted stupid and it didn't feel like a continuation of the fast and furious story. It felt like here's just another movie with cops in cars which he's right about us that a fair assessment and he was ahead of the curve where he was like. This is a saga. It's about the relationship of these two men and they're probably giving him like jerk off hand signals and go twenty five million. Just shut the fuck up and say family is the core. Like what are you talking about. I will join the pga and come back and fix this god. He's really doing the same thing of him. Being proven so right about this but so this is them just being like fuck off this guy. We don't need them. don't over. think paul walker fine and then like tyree. That's a new movie star with tyrod. John singleton into doing this. He's a higher class. Filmmaker rob cohen. And it's given like a prime summer release and is a hit and people kinda hate it. Almost ends the franchise. i mean. The question is if savings this is just a direct sequel and it stars vin diesel. Do we have fast nine now. Like what it be more of a thing like it did well and then they do three and it does less well and it kind of peters out in a more normal way versus the weird comeback narrative the franchise kind of crap to construct right right. I think there's something about the fact that the narrative around the franchise builds it up. It was so down and out. All of the actors were down out like everyone has something to prove. I think i think they could have made this same movie. Where it is he gets called in to break up this ring and he goes the only person i'm working with dominic toronto and its vin with the dom character in this same dynamic and people would have gone to see it it would have been an even bigger hit than this was but it would have been diminishing returns creatively would take in the bloom off the rose versus when they come back with four and people are like fuck. They're in the same movie again. I've been waiting ten years for that right. The nostalgia that there was east algebra for it. That no one really. Some people vin diesel among them probably did and there was a twitter thread. Recently from a guy who worked i believe is a development executive at universal. Who was talking about the weird circuitous path to amber sand. Getting made because after tokyo drift. They were like. Let's just do these direct video like they were ready to turn fast and furious into jarhead and be like year will fast and furious seven and it will just be in a new four and city where there's a tax incentive and we will get like tv stars who will do anything to play the lead in a direct to dvd movie jarhead is one of those movies. Where you're like whole jarhead frank. Grillo and bruce willis are making movies every two months and they are all on streaming like frank. Grillo is in so many movies. And it's and it's so weird considering the jarhead. Is this very moody movie about how going to war is actually super boring and nothing happens and you go insane. And they made a bunch of sequels. That's like it's tough in the suck. Get those guys boo me war movies. I assume they just became actionable. Got atkins and one of them's called like jarhead circle of fire. I might field of fire field of fire. Yeah he's the one who's in a lot of gabriel mac. I think is in a couple of them that guy. Absolutely the gabriel macktaz like a replacement level action star. He just kind of looks like a movie star enough if you squint like universal that's the same studio right. It's it could have so easily gone that way and they have just been like well th the relationship. That jar heads five has to the first jarhead is the relationship that fast and furious. Five will have to the first fast and furious. Put any two people in a city with cars. It doesn't have to be about fucking anything established in the first movie. Vince stood his ground. Was like if you're not like continuing.

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