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Coming up. Ah, Judge tosses out the latest Trump campaign lawsuit in Pennsylvania, a second antibody drug used to fight the Corona virus has been approved by the FDA. It's one you've heard about before to guidelines for college students coming home for Thanksgiving. This is Kyle Cooper. You tell the news time it's 7 31 federal judge ruled that Pennsylvania officials can certify election results showing Democrat Joe Biden winning that state. U. S District Judge Matthew Brand did not mince words when addressing claims that the entire presidential vote in Pennsylvania should be tossed because certain counties permitted voters to fix their mail in ballots. CBS News Political reporter Nicole Spangle has more judge Brand wrote in his order that the president's reelection bid employed quote, strained legal arguments without merit and speculative accusations after attempting to throw out thousands of ballots. The order later added quote in the United States of America. This cannot justify the disenfranchisement of a single voter, let alone all the voters in its six most populated state. That was a case argued personally by Rudy Giuliani back on Tuesday. Meanwhile, Pennsylvania Republican Senator Pat Toomey says the president quote has exhausted all plausible legal options in Pennsylvania. And then it's time for him to concede defeat and admit Joe Biden won the presidential election. To me, is retiring in 2022. He released a lengthy statement last night after the campaign's lawsuit in Pennsylvania was tossed, he noted. The judge is a long time conservative Republican who ruled against the Trump campaign, and it's the latest in a string of losses the campaign has suffered in court in recent weeks. To me, then congratulated President elect Joe Biden and Vice President elect Kamila Harris for their victory. But the Trump campaign not giving up in Georgia right now, they've asked for a recount there a day after the state certified results showing Biden won that state as well. Biden won Georgia by over 12,000 votes. That's about a quarter of a percent county level on its, which essentially served as a hand recount already happened, but it's not considered unofficial recounts. In this case, scanners will read in tabulate all the votes again. The annual G 20 summit is underway happening virtually this year with efforts to fight the pandemic and a global recession dominating those talks at the White House. President Trump participated in a virtual summit with the group of foreign leaders known as the G 20. But within minutes of the beginning of the meeting He was tweeting not about foreign policy, but about the presidential election, he wrote. We will show massive and unprecedented fraud something and he and his lawyers have failed to do so far later, several leaders held aside session about fighting the cove. It 19 pandemic, but the president was already on the golf course There was CBS is Chip Reid at the White House. President elect Joe Biden moving ahead with choices for his new Cabinet, Axios says Biden has settled on his secretary of state now, with several Democrats close to Biden, expecting him to name his longtime adviser, Tony Blinken, to the job. Biden's aides will not confirm that blinking is the pick by there's also reportedly decided on his choice for secretary of the Treasury. Some of those choices could be announced in the coming days. 7 34. It's estimated that more than half of all organizations have suffered data breaches through vulnerable third parties. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected..

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