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Right up doesn't happen because alexa is drawing in principle on this vast background of of knowledge let's say released of data that you can't olter bye by interaction in the standard way so she basically proclaims by theacht and and with with in the end as a technological entity has all of the credibility that such an entity is automatically assumed to have and it's all input by the way from people who are either in silica one of two places usually silicon valley are now of course in austin texas where we have the conversation with youtube i said hey you know we went shooting as anyone he ever shot a gun safe not a single personally so you're going to be asking your nobody who knew they didn't know anybody anyone at the entire you do not offices who'd ever owned or shot a gun i just use this as an act as a real life example anecdotal example of how far left these people can be who are creating this new wave of socalled artificial intelligence and i i will float this to you okay mr peterson i am not a conspiracy theorist guy at all but in the wake of this the alexa right there were so many people coming out saying that we faked it there was a leading questions i mean it's if it's artificial intelligence a leading question really shouldn't matter bless go with that then there was we did simon says made it up then there was the edited it together to provide different answers from different questions to not get sound that we release the rough footage wasn't enough and they've since changed it right they've since change the answer is if you ask who is also very now also buried creepy because it will be better as far as i'm concerned is the answers hadn't changed right because that would mean alexa is autonomous to some degree and like the autonomy is dangerous but at least it's not instantly subject to program five right right so i would rather have be honestly wrong because of ruthless as buyers is thin programmed right to to reduce.

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