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Were able to air drop some non coconut foodstuff to tide them over just one more day. Let's take a look at your drive on the 10 mid to Los Angeles on the 10 westbound just passed fair bags here in about erect that takes away the right lane for your drive. Expect that volume right around crunch up Boulevard downtown Los Angeles still working on a transition road here on the 1 10 south connected to the 10 westbound that fatal crash investigation continues. Your drive is suffering from Academy Road chaos. Buying. This guy is sponsored by injury. Attorney Superwoman Super Lawyer Calm Jeff Barr wreck on the 14 boys sure is now becoming out from acting, Behead job self 14 in between, plus everyday and Golden Valley in place, Right. Excuse me, but three drivers of tangled here and CHP is to block all needs to get him off the freeway. So right now it's only about a half mile back up, and I think it'll make you too late after that pretty good drive towards the new hall past and was spent on the good old one on one boy just before the four or five. It's above it. A couple of drivers tangled here. Wonder one of month fire. They're in the right lane, and it's starting to get slow from Woodman to slow once you get past the four or five, though, pretty good. Drive out to the West balance injured in an accident visit Superwoman super lawyer dot com. Jeff Bock if I in the sky, Okay, if I and this guy helps get you there faster. I'm robbing banks this hour of the Bill Handel Show brought to you by normal. Reeves, Honda superstores Norm Reeves honda dot com A retired postman in Turkey. Is celebrating the anniversary of a special friendship wretched Miers on men, his longtime friend Gary Up 37 years ago, when he came across her in the road, suffering from a broken arm. He got her into his car. He took her to his house to make sure he should She healed properly, and Garrett has been living there ever since. Wait..

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