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It was the other show. You're just walking down. What happened comfortable? Who to complement? The movie though is in that leg that entire tunnel was like some some of the lighting was superb. And I like the lighting in that tunnel was like gorgeous no less way every movie shoots there. I suppose every movie in La Shoots and that Donald. Yes I've seen. All of them said it with such assertion. I don't no no of course I do. Everything with the search on the Goddamn host proved me around. The other thing with this movie is that it's two two movies rolled into one and like one they don't get the two halves. Don't get together the whole story of the woman with the dead father and Adam West and these two halves do Nago together she just took. Okay so what has happened is is that at the beginning of the movie. Whole okay this? This horrible crime has happened guys. Don't you hate when this happens when spring cleaning time and you know Oh baby every clause to get rid of your old clothes you like L. Fuck is a whole bunch of dead streetwalkers out on the floor of my closet again. I hate what happened. I'm almost almost as mad about my entire entire China set embedded in my walls. Oh Yeah Yeah. It's a very strange crime scene. It's being reported this guy who was Mystic why do you WANNA call him. Raymond calm some sort of fatal psychic gator sure are he's found dead with a whole bunch of dead streetwalkers in his closet. None of them have any signs of of of trauma or anything. They're all dead. The rooms weird like Christopher Christopher said this shit embedded in the wall of China Sets Bennett in the wall and nobody and like cruising house like I felt like the entire cast of cruising was outside the apartment complexes there's a lot of men and like daisy dukes tops and like it was probably the rough part of town but I enjoyed visited the LA. You're getting like professional extras there. Some extras given stink either. The camera and I loved it. Took that will stink. I have my moment. We'll give it stink breaking enough fourth wall one for me and made me very happy. Yes this guy's dead and his daughter is all like tragic. Oh God I don't even remember her name. Olivia Olivia his daughter. Olivia is the main focus of the other half of the movie. She's dealing with his death. Because she never knew him and Blah Blah Blah and Adam West is her husband husband. He's got the two paid from Hell. Yeah and he's like a gas later. He's kind of off on the relationship. Apparently they never had had this conversation before. Oh Yeah my dad's a psychic and heavy speak..

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