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The bedside of someone who is dying now do they start sharing after the moment of death or how does that how does that occur well they soomro things one that i hear all the time i mean i'm just get a more or less constant stream of enquiries from medical doctors who tell me that when they are trying to resuscitate somebody that they very often see something leave the body typically from a the upper part of the body and they described as like a golden or greyish light and i hear this all the time to from relatives or friends who were there that they say that as the person who's passing away dies that they see this light leave the body and and other people say that at the point where their relative dies that they feel that they themselves leave their own bodies and go partway toward the slight with their dying loved one or bystanders may say that suddenly the room as their loved one is dying just fills with this incredible light or people say very often that it's like the rump changes dimension that they are no longer in a three dimensional cubicle like the hospital room but the way typically people say this to me is that they say that they become aware that they are looking at the room from an impossible angle that they're in some other geometry and most phenomenally of all to me is people tell me that as their loved one died they were kind of involoved by this hologram of the person's life and for a long time this was only in close relatives and friends but not too long ago got a communication from a medical doctor who told me that he was called to the er to resuscitate a man that he had never laid eyes on but he said esi was resuscitating this guy that he was kinda fluff headed with images of this man so he picked it up around him so.

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