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That would be pretty kick ass and remember long. Vhs hey freak. Susan free kits. It's mad men. Tim gorman or timmy. Mad cornerman or to monkey. Lous here the moratorium. We are celebrating bikinis boobs and blood and our first ever summer movie madness. So grab your boom box a sticker juicy fruit and your finest pair of scr oats because the madness is about to begin. Cue the music and three to one already forgot it dollar insane. That's the match made in a bath firm floating into the void. Me me me. Those like a cartoon cat like warming up before he's gonna sing. Sammy oh yeah. I've watched a lot of movies. I have done zero work As for you know out key work around the house dishes Mowing stuff like that. All fallen by the wayside can watch stupid eighty. And i'm a happier person because of him. Yeah for sure. I went off the charts. I went off the rails That's why i guess we just Mentioned to each other off. Air that yes. Let's make this a two parter. Because i had wow many things to talk about. Wow too many things. I can't stop well. It's all these movies. That will never get around to actually watching to do an entire show on but i wanna talk about him so sure one thing leads to another like. Maybe there's more here than at. I i I got to watch and movies. I'd never heard of. And i can't stop myself and once i put them on. I'm just kind of glued there. I'm like i'm i gotta find out how this crap show ends yeah. I watched some very low budget. Things and i've watched some Not necessarily newer but the movies that were very familiar to us Back in the eighties. So yeah that you revisited. And you're like oh there. There were dealing with some issues air. That are way over my head when i was thirteen. So do you wanna introduce us now. Since we have or we get into that he knows who we are. Yeah yeah. I'm kim your jason yes Welcome oh my god wait. This is how we should open the show every time. Yeah yeah. I'm tim ja jason. Welcome to the show favorite it. Let's dig again. You've got a movies that we have to talk about them pumped..

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