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Full back? The two names I keep throwing out. If it's in free agency, it's Elijah penny. If it's in the draft, it's Connor Hayward. Both of those guys are utility fullbacks. They're just aren't a ton of those blocking fullbacks available anymore. They might really have to dig to find one. When I say there isn't one in the draft, the board I use goes, I think it was like 550 players deep. And trust me, I'm not necessarily familiar with every player on the board, but I sort it by position a lot. Connor Hayward's the only fullback. So it goes 566 players deep. There's board. Shout out Isaiah land linebacker Florida a and M. What was I saying? Yeah, so if they want to find a true blocking fullback and they're not doing it in free agency, they're going to have to go to Canada. They're going to be the international pathway program again. Right. I mean, this is beyond the USFL at this point. Japan plays college football. I know Norway does. I'm missing an obvious one. Arena league. But yeah, I mean, that might be what you're talking about. There's guys out there. There's just, you know, we get in the weeds, right? With this stuff, yeah, we're talking beyond our knowledge. Than that. Which is why I think they're going utility. I think they would have kept Jakob Johnson if they wanted that role. I think they're going to go with the utility fullback. Ben mason real quick, not on the roster anymore. He signed a futures deal with the ravens. And that's the other thing. Yeah. Some of these guys are going to get cut. They may just be like, eh, we'll throw whoever will throw William Sherman at fullback throughout camp and then somebody will break free and we'll sign them off for practice squad or claim him on waivers or whatever before the season starts. That could very much be the plan too. Yeah, as much as it drives me crazy just from a big picture standpoint and the fact that you're just your maximum point production is so much lower as a team when you run a team out of 21 regular the way the Patriots have in the past couple of years. But their production and their efficiency at a 21 personnel has been the best out of any personnel grouping that they've been in pretty much going on since the 2018 season, right? It's been three or four years now where 21 has been their most productive grouping. Why? Because they're averaging over four yards per carry on the ground when they're in 21. And number two, their play action passing game is fantastic added 21 personnel. And they leave the full back through the whole, they get everybody to jump up, they hit the tight ends and their slot receivers crossing over the middle. It's a difficult play to stop. They've been running it like the same way for ten years. Now,.

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