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Hello, I'm Tom Weight and <Speech_Male> this is the rundown. <Speech_Male> A new zero <Speech_Male> bail order takes effect <Speech_Male> tonight in La. County, <Speech_Male> meaning people suspected <Speech_Male> of low level, <Speech_Male> felonies and misdemeanors <Speech_Male> won't have <Speech_Male> to stay in county jails. <Speech_Male> It's an effort <Speech_Male> to fight the spread of coronavirus. <Speech_Male> A <Speech_Male> similar order by the state <Speech_Male> expires today. <Speech_Male> The family <Speech_Male> of an eighteen year old <Speech_Male> who was killed by <Speech_Male> La County. Sheriff's Deputies <Speech_Male> is demanding answers. <Speech_Male> The sister <Speech_Male> of Andreas Corrado <Speech_Male> along with other <Speech_Male> friends and family. How <Speech_Male> the protests! Protests Friday <Speech_Male> in Gardena family <Speech_Male> members say were Dada <Speech_Male> was working as a <Speech_Male> security guard, but sheriffs <Speech_Male> sheriff's officials <Speech_Male> say we're. Donohoe <Speech_Male> was armed and <Speech_Male> did not have <Speech_Male> a security guard licence. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> La County will use <Speech_Male> new technology to <Speech_Male> wait times at polling <Speech_Male> places this <Speech_Male> after an independent <Speech_Male> review found huge <Speech_Male> problems with <Speech_Male> March. Primary <Speech_Male> consulting firm <Speech_Male> says software breakdowns <Speech_Male> lack of trained <Speech_Male> staff and <Speech_Male> poor oversight contributed <Speech_Male> to long wait times. <Speech_Male> The county <Speech_Male> is also sending vote <Speech_Male> by mail ballots to <Speech_Male> every registered <Speech_Male> voter. <Speech_Male> ANC. <Speech_Male> The Nation's largest movie <Speech_Male> chain has reversed course, <Speech_Male> and now says <Speech_Male> mass will be <Speech_Male> mandatory at its <Speech_Male> theaters when they reopen <Speech_Male> next month. Regal <Speech_Male> cinemas followed <Speech_Male> suit and says all employees <Speech_Male> and guests will <Speech_Male> be required to wear masks <Speech_Male> when <Speech_Male> cinemas opened July tenth <Speech_Male> now. Here's <Speech_Male> meteorologist Emberley <Speech_Male> with look at your forecast. <Speech_Female> <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Music_Female> Good <Speech_Music_Female> morning and happy <Speech_Music_Female> Saturday, it <Speech_Music_Female> is the first day of summer, <Speech_Music_Female> and it's going to feel a <Speech_Female> little bit more like yesterday. <Speech_Female> Meeting temperatures <Speech_Music_Female> are saying slightly <Speech_Female> below average. <Speech_Music_Female> We do have a high <Speech_Music_Female> pressure system <Speech_Female> moving into. That's <Speech_Female> a really loud. The <Speech_Female> warm up to begin as we head <Speech_Female> into the next couple of days, <Speech_Music_Female> temperatures along the coast <Speech_Music_Female> will remain in the sixties. <Speech_Female> We have seventy <Speech_Female> for Eleonora <Speech_Female> County Metro, <Speech_Female> and we have <Speech_Female> eighties and nineties <Speech_Female> inland for the valleys <Speech_Female> in also for <Speech_Female> high desert communities, <Speech_Female> and then also <Speech_Female> for the inland <Speech_Female> empire temperatures <Speech_Female> up in the mountains will also <Speech_Female> say in the seventies. <Speech_Female> Get Ready. <Speech_Female> Temperatures begin to warm <Speech_Female> up to above average <Speech_Music_Female> by the time we head <Speech_Male> to Monday. <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Male> And <Speech_Male> remember, we're always <Speech_Male> streaming twenty, four seven. <Speech_Male> You can find CBS <Speech_Male> and Los Angeles <Speech_Male> CBS l., A. Dot, <Speech_Male> com and the free CBS News App. I'm Tom Wayne.

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