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Overnight lows around forty that's your latest weather from the komo forecast team facebook stock getting slammed major blowback continues from the revelation that the personal data of about fifty million users was harvested in manipulated by political dirt developing company called cambridge analytica they are not just a social network they are also an information battlespace whistle blower chris wiley helped found cambridge analytica which later was hired to help the trump campaign the deal struck by trump's soninlaw jared kushner and by brad par scall who now runs trump's twenty twenty re election efforts it's really important that americans understand what has happened with their data their private information cambridge politica calls wylie's comment a militias attempt to hurt the company while he left cambridge before the two thousand sixteen election nbc's killing ken reporting facebook has banned the cambridge analytic from its platform saying although the company denies any wrongdoing it remains committed to vigorously enforcing its information protection policies the weinstein company is filing for bankruptcy the embattled company filed for bankruptcy in delaware with a buyout promise where the company's assets from lantern capital partners according to a statement that was issued by company co founder bob weinstein other organizations are also expected to be able to bid on the company at auction the weinstein company has been the target of the metoo movement because dozens of women came forward leveling sexual abuse allegations against movie mogul and co founder harvey weinstein mark mayfield nbc news radio global oil prices are up but so is us production and that's keeping prices from going even higher they've been rising over concerns about possible added us sanctions in iran and tensions between iran and saudi arabia along with falling oil production in venezuela but analysts say surging production in the us is keeping a lid on prices and united airlines will not take any new reservations to ship a pet in its.

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