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66 66 good stuff down from our pal Jarod Smith. We are An agreement is fired up his I am have Tiger Woods competing this weekend to get a chance to watch one of the greatest, if not the greatest to ever do it. Jack Nichols, Tiger Woods. So it's good that he's back doing its take on the golf course I, for one cannot make a case that he is going to have a big weekend. I would be very surprised. They want to tell me makes the cut short. That's one thing. You want to tell me Tiger Woods this weekend has a legitimate chance to win. I would be very, very, very surprised, and I'm looking at the odds right now. The Shambo 10 to 1. Justin Thomas Tanna one, Rory 12 to 1. Can't lay 12 to 1. D. J. 15. 01 Rahm, who I feel like is worth a shot week after week after week, he's at 17 on same Webb Simpson, same with Tiger Woods. See, like Here's all you need to know. Tiger Woods, 17 01 More cow is 21. More cow is a better bet to win this tournament this weekend. You better back. Is playing more golf. She's younger. If I had a place a wager down on one of those, too, you said J. J. His 50 bucks. You can play one or the other. To go and win this golf tournament. I give you Tiger Woods. They give you more callous Rosa Mark, you are a guy likes to throw a couple shekels down. I am giving you a free $50 match play from our buddies over a bed, MGM let's say And you could throw down one of these two golfers to win. Would you take Tiger Woods or what you think, Mark our mark. Allah and cost 1990 close and you're getting not only are you getting better odds, Paul. But you're getting a guy's point, Mork consistently over the last few weeks, he's played the plane. Tiger hasn't played since the max at the match, and that's what maybe 67 weeks ago. Colin's been out there every week, saved the one court tournament after he missed his first cut. But besides the guys, the guys playing unbelievable. Unbelievable. Incredible golf. He toured the golf course. Last weekend's Mirror field. It's the same course you take Colin. Every time it's the quality feel, too. I will be into the Gulf this weekend. I will very much being engulfed the less couple weekends. Not as much, not as good a leaderboard not as good a field. I will be dialed in in the Gulf this weekend dialed in. Maybe a couple plays. Paul. Maybe a couple of weeks. Maybe a couple of units. I'm looking forward to tomorrow. Paul will we Will We have some fun on support. Three's not a body. Tami Luhby. Our is not going to be playing Siamo. I'm always up for having some fun on the par three challenge. I think the port three challenges good because there's no pressure on you the in the race, But you know you're talking about 100 Report three's tomorrow that we will be playing. One you're gonna like It's only I could think of 95 yard hole right up my alley, then is another. That is 130 But it's pipe. Very tight. Um and then the other, Chu One ease about 1 35 again and then the last one. You're gonna play. You gotta hit it, Paul. It's like 1 70 Well, that's a nice part. 31 17. Yeah, I don't I don't like that uphill. Yeah, I'm telling you that the the hole we will be playing 17 in South shore. That is Bobi, You bogey happy bugging. Happy, bogeying that hole. That is a very, very tough all score. You know my rule. If I get under the double par for the course I'll be very happy. And I think he could do it. You behind the ball while I your short game is what you need to master. I'm telling you, you master your short game because Paul, you you're you're putting And shipping. If you could just get on and two part you'll be all right. Absolutely. Yeah. If only it was that easy, If only if only it was that easy. 877337 66 66 sets out to Long Island. Jimmy up Next, he's on the family's up, Jimmy. Vijay. What did you take on the Red Sox team this year? I don't think they're very good. They're going to be able to score runs. They have Devers well, like J. D. Martinez can hit Old guards is there, but they're pitching is brutal. I mean, they don't have David Price sketch traded. He's opted out sales out for the year. The bullpen is no good. I would give the Red Sox Ah better chance Jimmy of finishing fourth in the AL East. Then I would that they're going to contend with the Yankees in the race. I.

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