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Have been treated specially we can create carbon copies made out of plastic of years noses cartilage skin blood vessels heart valves bladders and win pipes that is incredible it's almost like walking through frankenstein's laboratory i had a chance to take a film crew from the discovery channel we flew down to wait for his university in north carolina and we visited the laboratory of anthony attayah maybe you've seen some of his work on science specials and you sort of field like well sort i feel like frankenstein's dr walking through the hallway wake forest university luqui edge jars containing human organs human hearts human livers can the eerie but then you realise that well these are markups these are practice our attempts to create kidneys and livers and hearts because right now we can't do that right now we can basically create tissues made out of basically one type of tissue however the liver and other organs of the bide require so many different kinds of tissues and that's where it takes time now the caller ask first of a how long does it take to grow in oregon the answer is a few weeks you can grow a whole year era two three weeks in the laboratory in fact is even the program that i hosted for the discovery channel call 2050 seven talking about that future where we actually visit these laboratories and interact with the scientists who are in fact creating bodies of the future not to create a cloned of the brain of course takes a lot more effort but it turns out that already with today's technology we can already begin the process of creating oregon's that are almost indistinguishable from human skin bone cartilage noses years hard fouls at bladders and even when pipes truly miraculous.

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