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While they teen back to Robin the WTO traffic center No problem sound found on the Baltimore Washington park where he wavers check in southbound beyond 32 headed toward one 98 A deer was struck and is sitting in the left lane so watch out for that and stay to the right in order to give by still on three 55 near Nicholson lane we have the reported crash at last report you were following police direction in order to get around in a loop in route one college park in the service road that crashed completely wrapped up and gone delays have eased nicely on the inner loop as you head toward route one college park But the beltway in Montgomery county outer loop delays leaving old Georgetown road coming off the southbound to 70 spur toward the American legion bridge with travel lanes available Westbound on the ICC beyond Georgia avenue a single left lane gets you by the work zone may have some temporary stoppages in place in order to move around some equipment as well Drown route 50 across the bay bridge looking pretty good with three lanes east and two lanes open in the west ground direction Virginia beltway the antelope slow as you make your way past Gallo's road that crash was on the right shoulder still the interloper delays leaving the dulles toll road headed up to and across the American legion bridge Northbound on the George Washington Parkway past one 23 a single lane gets you by the work zone traveling on 66 in decent shape both ways between grains Bill and roslin traveling on I 95 southbound off and on the brakes leaving lorton toward one 23 then jammed approaching garrisonville headed down toward the rappahannock river as folks exit from the express lanes to merge into the mainlands to continue south toward Fredericksburg northbound I 95 you're off and one breaks as Lee triangle headed toward the fairfax county Parkway with traveling to open still the issue in Alexandria high blo valley northbound route one airports and road that last report on the police direction for the crash and response on scene north and I three 95 Just volume going up to and across the 14th street bridge was traveling open may have a new problem on the outbound 11th street bridge to go northbound on the D.C. two 95 with a possible crash blocking at least one lane northbound in southbound D.C. two 95 south of Pennsylvania avenue we had the right side block for the work zone there Still southern avenue southbound just beyond ridge road the crash near Stanley street continues to block the right lane How's it dot com as a next generation real estate agency for the next generation of homeowners flat feet listing salaried agents cash offers the new way to buy and sell homes learn more at Hauser dot com Rob stallworth WTO P traffic Thank you rob to storm team four meteorologist Ryan Miller A very hot afternoon across the D.C. area air temperatures into the lower 90s and middle 90s in a few spots and feels like.

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