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Are big on this outer space stuff. I love outerspace stuff. I don't wanna go gazillion. Up there. People other. Anyway, me I don't wanna ski I wanna deep sea. Diving bluewater. I didn't wanna be. When you're on the ocean gives us in my always, keep this in mind. Those of you that are on these cruise ships, and you think it's so cool. Keep in mind that below you. I mean, a vast space blow there are things looking up at you. And you're thinking food man, just be patient. It'll end up down here. Eventually just keep playing arrive your food. But anyway, black hole thing they've actually taken a picture of their claiming this is the real deal back holes that suck everything up. Destroy. It busted down into its most basic building parts, what are those by the way. We don't know. We'll never got things like called corks love. Those of you that know about the nuclear physics. You know what I'm talking about? When you get down to bust enough approach on electron, whatever these everything's made up of something. I mean, that's how are we're wired. I mean, you can you conceive of it something being made of nothing. No, how about here at the very end. That's it does go any further net. Really? You know, let's just take attention leap. Logic. Logic is is a it's a piece of a God like quality God characteristic. The Lord gave us only one segment of a characteristic that is his and that is weaken logic things out. We can never find the answer. We asking the question. But why daddy why? Again, I go I go into what what is the final building blocks. Always looking for physicists are always looking for the final building block. They probably know there's not one either. It's just there's infinite in down to the smallest of whatever that is down there all the way up to the most farthest macro author effect. If you've never seen the video into of ten. Integer of ten you can find that on Facebook. There would be a fun thing for you to watch. Anyway, the black holes up there, supposedly black holes are. I think theorize there at the center of a given. Universe. I don't know. I mean that seems to be where they always pay them when they talk about them. Maybe they're just black holes with nothing around it because they've sucked everything into it. What was left in universe? And they're constantly pulling things in we're gonna wind up in one two. If you buy the stuff in the first place, but there's a picture of one. I stuck it up on Facebook. You can see it over on. What I think is that their English newspaper site have been Daily Mail. They've taken a distant picture of a huge galaxy in the middle is a black hole. Wow. Oh, no out of it. So that's what they say. It is again, you wanna see a picture of. I'd I was gonna say go toward the light. But I have to amend that go toward the dark the dark black hole. And by the way, if you get sucked into that Klay won't matter in lonely hurt for like, not even a nanosecond more because everything will be ripped apart. So fast rapidly. Probably even faster than the speed of light. We don't know because we'll never be over Guna major, but it won't hurt because nothing will be there to cause a pain anymore every single nerve ending. We'll turn into its most basic building blocks of which we don't know anything. Kind of a radio program is this. Anyway, you're probably asking yourself. But it's fascinating. Isn't it really is? Let's talk about again, you can see that black hole up on their own Xingtong on Facebook. If you don't find any place else. General William buyer dropped a bomb show on Wednesday. I I. I hate that term. I don't hate it as much as a hate other terms. Like, I hate the word kerfuffle, the worker Fussell should be outlawed done away with any one of those ones that they have in what call Will Smith has their Tommy Lee Jones were the men in black where they make your memory just go away. They should get kerfuffle out of every person on the planet. Attorney general William buyer dropped a bombshell, which I'm sure caused Fussell telling a group of senators that he believes spying against the Trump campaign did take place in two thousand sixteen. Oh, this is music to my ears. It was the first time to do you realize that says that means we're finally going to have somebody in the attorney general's position. It's gonna look back and say, hey, you know, let's look into what Qomi said, let's look into what Lynch let's look into what Susan Rice add Samantha Powers'. Let's just look at the FBI, for example. And see what do they do when they are? Initially said go to the Trump Tower and observe those people spying on them. Wow. Goes on spying on a political campaign. A big deal use the word spine. That's pretty heavy bar said this during an exchange exchange with the democrat Senator from the Hampshire. What's your name here Jeanne Shaheen Jeanne Shaheen member of the Senate appropriations committee seen act and a follow up whether bar believed the FBI spied on the Trump team? He says you're not suggesting though that spying occurred. This is seen. She's saying you're not suggesting though that spying occurred. Embar says I think spying did occur. Yeah. Yeah. But the question is whether it was predicated adequately adequately predicated. So in other words what he's saying? There is did somebody say go spy on Trump because we found be on the shot of a doubt where we think they've done something horrible broken a law, which would say, you know, with maybe bring bring Russia's and do something desperately. And that would definitely warrant check these people out. That's what the FBI does. But if there was no evidence to do that. Or if the evidence procured was based on a lie, then that would not be good. So Senator Shaheen you better get out of second period depends, baby. Yeah. He says I'm not suggesting it wasn't adequately predicated. But I do I need to explore. Yes. Bar suggested later in the hearing that he had information leading him to question. Whether the FBI conducted on authorized surveillance against the Trump campaign. I believe there is a basis for my concern. Not going to discuss it. Good for you bar. Now. There's more to this. I'm not gonna get into. This is just to let you know one that you can see a picture of a black hole, which has nothing to do with this piece. I just noted apprentice paper, but on the daily caller this is bar. I think spying did occur. Yup. And it was against the Trump campaign. This is good. And I'm I don't know about you. I'm convinced me on the shadow of a doubt that not only despite being a occur. I'm convinced that a straight up coup and collusion with the Hussein Obama administration. And of course, at that time the. FBI? Turney general's office. Colder an Loretta Lynch. There's no doubt in my mind. What they did was. They said we can't let Trump become president make that happen. Stood back and they'd come to him and say, well, we can do this do that. He said yet, go flirt doing. That's not work back. Then. Exactly how it works. They they will be caught if somebody will really pursue that start rolling people up with terrorizing them with like twenty five thirty years in jail start rat each other out.

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