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Hilton and I am here with your Wednesday ends day box alarm and lookie here. We are back on schedule awesome. You have a Wednesday box on a Wednesday. We haven't done that in a while while right The holidays kind of We're hectic and they're over now so you are lucky enough to have three episodes in a row this week if you haven't noticed noticed so you're welcome for that And I want to talk about more mentorship but I want to end the mentorship series because I think we covered what we wanted to cover If you haven't listened yet please go back to the beginning of the mentor ship series And we touched a bit on What the kind of person Or what it takes to be a mentor. The traits that you should have but then we also talked about The INS and outs of actually mentoring hiring in the benefits of mentoring for the mentor. The Mentor and the organization as a whole. So please go back to those episodes And check doc those out but let's conclude this let's come to a conclusion. It's obvious that we all need to be mentors. And it's obvious that anybody buddy can be a mentor or down from the probationary firefighter to the most senior firefighter and the fire officers and chief officers. Okay anybody can mentor. It can be An unofficial mentorship artificial mentorship organizer an organized or a casual or a Official right there's so many different ways that you can look at that but anyone can mentor. All right you should be looking to form some sort sort of mentorship program in your organization if you don't have one yet and we as senior firefighters and officers should be encouraging our new members coming in in to become mentors them selves. Okay so let's recap real quick. All right let's recap we WANNA the haven't we all WanNa be enthusiastic about the role of mentorship. Okay and we all want to make sure that we have a certain experience with a certain the topic. We want to know what we're doing what we're talking about when we're mentoring somebody all right. So let's make sure we possess that possessed the experience possess the passion and for the topic. Okay and also we want to make sure that. We're showing positivity right and we want to show that we are valuing learning and learning ourselves loves an opening ourselves up and exposing our own mistakes that we've made down the you know in the past that we've made in our journey where we are now okay so mentorship. Authorship is the huge and big key for success for anybody and success in mentorship is going to mean success in your members and in your organization as a whole right so please everybody. I'm going to challenge you now. I want everybody to find something that you are. Good at figure out embrace your skills and embrace your talents right find it be aware of it and then find somebody. That's looking to obtain that skill. Somebody that you think or someone that may think that they want to become better at something. They want to progress progressive. They want to enhance their skills. And I challenge you to become their mentor. Okay he can be on a casual basis or you can develop an actual program Ram and mentor. This person for you know for for quite a while and Make a start and a finish. Make a whole program. I encourage you guys to do that. I challenge you all okay. So so thank you so much for listening to this series It was definitely A learning experience for me. It was a challenge that I gave myself I came came up with the topic of mentor ship and I said well you know. Let's let's let's let's hit on this for a little while so it made me go out and actually do some research on it and it made me think back to things that I've learned in the past and things that I've done and things in the people who have mentored me in how different the what the differences they've they've made for my life. Okay so I challenge you all do that in a help you grow successful people will help you grow into a successful firefighter and stepping capping out of your comfort zone because this may be a little bit uncomfortable for people to step up and start teaching and start mentoring and and Leading but stepping out of your comfort zone is only are going to help you grow all right so please really encourage you to do that. So if this is your first time listening by the way. This is our Wednesday box alarm. This is a short episode that we do. Every everyone's day that hits on tips tactics Strategies ideas commentary Anything about the fire service in in between and then on Sundays we have our full length episode. We try to get guests on the show There are two other members of the team. Palatine Nick Campbell Who are typically we here to also give their two cents on certain topics so Please be sure to go back to previous episodes. If any of those episodes give you you some sort of value. Please share that episode so that we can get more people exposed to it and create our community and make it even bigger. Okay so thank you. Everybody for listening time is is valuable. That is the end of this week's Wednesday box alarm. That concludes this week's Wednesday box alarm..

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