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When they lost the falcons? I'm trying to think they needed another year to the mid twenty twelve now division around to the niners so yes they made it so Miller two other times while he was there to the NFC championship game again. Not able to get over that Hump. so He's kind of had candy like a rare where he's he's big enough to get his team. Never never we get them over the hump outside of the one year. They won the Super Bowl See this this is. This is a tougher one for me but I do believe just overall success in the success. He's had with different quarterbacks over his career because again all these guys who've I've played with one quarterback I think that kind of gives them the edge. I think I might have him over. McCarthy reader McCarthy injuries able to win that super bowl this this the coming year p Carroll is another one because again he kind of the same situation where he had a younger guy as quarterback was able to get them won the super bowl which they able to do with no homes were any was would be able to do But then they were able to get right right back and I think that that's going to be the thing that even since then they've been because it's the playoffs they haven't been back to the NFC championship game since the last Super Bowl when they lost to the Patriots. Obviously but they've just been consistently good in a lot of Ozzy's down from Russell Wilson but in his career would Seattle since twenty twelve. We haven't had a season under nine. Wins which is which is consistent. Excellence in some that again. Andy Reid does have but budge that he's PK Do do that and get his team back to the Super Bowl you'll like they did. They did in back to back years. which is very very hard to do? especially in this Dane agent in the League where things turn over so fast and it's very hard to get teams back to Super Bowl Once you miss out on it and so I would say right if I don't know this is probably the closest one in my own personal opinion. Two of them just because like carol just been a consistent. Great coaches always seems to be getting his team to the playoffs every year. No matter what I they have one if I had one season without ten wins his twenty nine and seven in two thousand seventeen. We were trying to rebuild after all the legion of boom stuff was kinda done. Have you ever year. They've had ten plus wins which is crazy to think about Then he had some practice because he had two other stopped after he didn't do as well with the jets and then with the Patriots. And then I'll be able to go to college and GMC back together and to get back to the pros but since he's been here since twenty twelve they've been I'm great and I think that's probably I think I might have to see him. Andy Reid Gabe super bowl again. After winning it this time to us from supplant him above P care take p carroll over India's because I know Jerry's beacon p care of not gonNA enforcing enforcing for Andy Not GonNa fold up in the big moment. I know that's kind of been eighty staying and after that you'll get that monkey off his back if they are able to when super bowl this year. That's always kind of the knock on him. Is that when in the biggest games in big moments he whether it's not run the ball enough with misusing challenges misusing mismanaging timeouts also. That's not something they are not being Not does not normally been a knock on P. Carol so that's Kinda why may I may. HP Carol in this got over Andy Reid if he wins that Super Bowl and John Harbaugh the other. One and Ozzy John Harbors a any re- protege And I mean in Venice them. You want to go with Joe flacco which no knock on Joe FLACCO but again. He's not any of the four quarterbacks we listed or on the same cow presenting the full court Richard listed with these other coaches or even He's nowhere near near as good as Mahomes is currently in house. He will be in the future so I commend him for that and then obviously he was able to after though the the only bad thing or the downside is that they weren't the driven thing we have that much success after that super bowl coming you may call it fluky will but again you still need to be. After that. They've they've had some interesting. I mean there was a chance that many thought he get fired a couple years ago now. He was able to stave off a little bit but it had some mediocre years here in the NFC where we get back together This past year with Marin I see he was was instrumental nine often the house easy now. The guys instrumental in terms of the analytics and Gone Ford on fourth down aggressiveness to winger versions. Something like that. He's Kinda helped Advanced thinking of head coaches in the League so I give credit for that but no no slight to him must think of India Super Bowl. Then yeah I would rank him above him. So I guess I would have again not including Doug Peterson because He also has mainly around long enough announcing that including bill checker. I'm trying like even I Jon Gruden. Because he was out of the game for so long so just the tar was hard for me to include him in in teams but amongst those among those six I think I would have read second on that list and with him only being buying. MP Carol in terms of coat act of coaches in the in the in the League all time if he was able to or does it. Not even all time dislike agriculture's right now in the league if he were able to win the superbowl so I would have him. Second amongst among those five other coaches which is not a best buy for him on. Hopefully for his sake you can get that Lose of Super Bowl victory but I mean the niners are going to be tough in the negotiating is not just going to hand it to. He's GonNa he's GonNa make them go. Come and go get it so interesting discussion. That will gain hand kind of just where I wanted to where I was thinking about just late where any would rank among current super bowl. Winning coaches coaches in the League if he was able to get one said obviously not including ballot check in and Gruden and Doug I think that the second thing I might take care over him but again. That's not inaugural. PK Rose a great coach for being in the hall of fame I think I'm overpaid. I take him over time. Take him over McCarthy. Take him over. Horrible is that because the only one I might not am I am. I am ethical badge there. So that's just my opinion. There's more than welcome to disagree. So after this next break we're going to talk about the unfortunate early exit of ten. Is's or I mean I was GonNa say women tends to be just tennis. As a whole's biggest star car and Serena and if I think she if she will be able to find a way to win that allusive twenty four singles Grand Slam title. There's talk about that. Run up to the brink. Are you looking to get your college football. Beck's looking to get the latest news on your favorite school dean. The Diaz Empty College football podcast is your ticket to all things college football doing us as we talk college football from the National Championship. The college rivalries the bowl game to the heisman trophy so which converts it's the best we've got you covered the big ten as these these big twelve the PAC twelve. ABC and everything in between download the GMC we call it football. podcast on Itunes Stitcher soundcloud. 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