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Or the core issue of the role of government and how it interacts with private business and the private sector. What is the proper role of government when it comes to interacting with the private sector, and I think the issue that people overlook is that this is another example of how The government is trying to utilize business to cure the ills of our society. Uh, when did it become private business and the private sector's responsibility to address racism or poverty or, uh, homelessness. That's not the job of private of the private sector. Yet they're trying to this organization fight for 15 is trying to insinuate that if the business community does not comply with this Initiative or support it that they are actually participating in racism and homelessness and white supremacy all of these things when when did this become the responsibility? Of the private sector to who basically cure the evils of society. That is not, uh, the private sector's just trying to make a living, you know, and they'll say, Well, you have a responsibility. This is where people need to get tough and just say no, right? I mean, just say no exact That's it. Piss off, get out of here and going back to the to the core issue the the fundamental issue here. Um, is that in the business mindset when you own and operate a business, the number one driving force and mission is to cut costs. That's what a business owner looks at. Continually every day when I got my monthly financial statement, when I had my business, the first thing I would do is turn to the the page that reflected the costs. And I would look to through those pages to find ways to cut costs. And here. The biggest cost you have is labor is your employees. And the defining role of a successful business is controlling and cutting costs. And the first thing that the government wants to do is to add card cost, which would then make it while labour is an expense, but expense. You're going to make me pay them more. The expense goes up. I'm gonna cut that expense. And you're in many instances you're fighting to try to get profitability. You're trying to Expand your mission, your core mission of your business. And the first thing that happens when you're trying to to do all these things and be successful and be profitable is to have the government come in and say we're going to add more costs here to your bottom line. Steve Christie's in studio Pima County Supervisor on Kunst, Am 7 90 Going to be the beer club today to you making the trek all the way up to Oro Valley. Good for you. He got a four hour drive home. It's It's unbelievable. Um 4 to 7 or fire truck brewing Company. Hope you can join us really quick also, and I want to keep you over if you don't mind. Again. Just the people that are behind this. The A F L C i, O. C got a labor union. Democrats in LD three. Good look at the Tucson Education Association. So again here at teachers that don't understand the economy and economics who teach our kids are are behind this, And this is where this is where, honestly, like education has gone downhill. And these are the Marxist. They want to burn. They want to ruin everything and build it back up. I swear to God, this is what they want to. They want to make everything go out of business. And have everybody then be dependent on the government. They could tell. They could create their own little socialist communist utopia. And that's what they're trying to do with these cities with Regina with the one in Flagstaff with the crazy One guy I got, uh I got to go in Phoenix. Kate Gallego. Thank you. Community Food bank. Dude, I used to say I've never given to them ever. They support this crap to ruin businesses. Screw you. Pima County Interfaith Council Prima Vera Foundation. These things are all dead to me now. Dead to me. Um and then the people Raul Grijalva, all these state Democrats state. Rep. Democrats. Matt Hines. The guy that can't eat it. Got it Got it Got it doesn't even get a regular job in a regular practice. Rex Scott, Pima County supervisor. How did that guy went, Uh, T USD school board members. Um Steve Kazaa chick unemployed Steve Cassata gets canned by the U of a supports this garbage. Um uh, there there are City council candidates that are supporting this as well. Uh, Adelita Grijalva. Does she have a job? She's never had a job, Has she Pima County Supervisor and $2 board member. So you have three Democrats on the Supervisors board. That's where this funny sharing the driver isn't supporting this or not publicly orders. Not as far as I know she's against this, which I think, uh, encouraging good that she doesn't want her driver more than 15 an hour. That's why so you have that and you have a bunch of crazy local businesses that I mean, you look at these. Just go to Tucson fight for 15 dot com. And you'll see the whole list. I mean, this is as crazy as crazy can get right. T USD school board members Sunnyside School board members. I mean, just really insane people. Dr Randy, Freeze a state rep. That guy's nuts all He is nuts. So, uh, they all want to literally ruin business is just so you know, and and people are going to lose jobs. There's never been any evidence that shows if you raise wages artificially like this, that it ever become successful and helps businesses and employees there never has. Is it me or does it sound like a lot of these people are making money from the government off of taxpayer. Well, some of them are not all. Not all of it. I mean, they they have some of jobs, some not many, some, like the T E, a. The one that wants to do critical race theory and shove it down Everybody's throat. And they are supporting this duty. That's why people can't stand teachers just to reiterate on on the enforcement side if a repeat violation of this initiative has been finally determined. The city may revoke, suspend or declined to renew any license provided for the business in question this random new bureaucracy they want to create. Just sick. Remember a majority. These people have to run for their positions in government. Don't elect them again. I hope I mean, this is what ruins this is What ruins Pima County me. Look or look around. Look at the roads. Look at the empty buildings and you go. You sit back. I know you listen to this. Show you so you don't sit back and say, man. I think they're doing a great job with great ideas. It just doesn't It just doesn't compute. It doesn't compute. Um I have much more need to get to supervisor Steve Christie will be at the beer club this afternoon. You could ask whatever question you want your business owner. You want to help, and it's not just business owners again. It's everybody like you want to take your family out for dinner..

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