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WBZ news time nine twenty two. Our top story this hour, the Senate committee weighing the supreme court nomination. Abrek Cavanaugh we'll hear from the woman who accuses him of assaulting her decades ago. We'll have much more on this story coming up at nine thirty one. A big Tele-Communications company continues to downsize in the Chicago area. Officials say Nokia has laid off about one hundred more employees from suburban Chicago office bringing the total number of jobs cut at the facility over the past. Couple of years about three hundred page county, workforce development, director tells the Tribune new layoffs of the neighbor roll office took effect this week and follow about twenty layoffs in July finish maker of telecommunications gear as reducing it staff size since his twenty fifteen purchase of a French US rival, they burner NewsRadio on or five point nine FM. Kenosha could pull sorry Kenosha police could be equipped as soon as next month with world sat can be used to rescue struggling lake. Michigan swimmers it makes. North Aurora resident Marlene tear happy. She witnessed the September sixth drowning of seventeen year old. Donovan Anderson of Kenosha police who arrived on the scene that day had no way to help the boy tear offered to pay for life ropes. Please turn down her thousand dollar donation. But she said chief Daniel minuscule told her are procuring the throwback, and they will be in the vehicle as soon as they get in. Hopefully, they go through some training because that will be required. But I'm happy about that. She will donate two thousand dollars to Canossa if it's used to purchase life rings and kiosks on Kenosha harbor north Kenosha harbor, north pier. Where Donovan Anderson drowned at Lake County prosecutor Bernard Carter confirms his office is reviewing charges for a man who rented a room where a Gary toddler was fatally shot Carter. Previously told the times of northwest Indiana that a bungled search warrant by Gary police. Prevented his office from prosecuting Michael Edwards for crack cocaine found in the room where two euro Jalen Miller. His girlfriend's daughter was killed a loaded handgun was left within reach of the child and her siblings. Prosecutors are now looking at other ways to charge Edwards Jlo's Miller's. The child's mother is in charged with neglect of dependent in her daughter's death. We'll check business news in just a moment. WBZ news time nine twenty four. If you have a home security system, it.

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