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And the newcomers had a lot of snaps and this is on cincy. Jungle dot com. Share this with you here. Okay by patrick. Judas this is the week one snapped and you see the headline bengals newcomers dominate the snaps in week one verses the vikings So here are some of the tidbits. Here i will put. I'm not gonna go through every single one of these will go through some Here are here's the link in the live chat for you all but the bengals were out snapped by the vikings eighty three to sixty nine. So that's kind of interesting there. The defense was on the field quite a bit. I think there was. Also you know some scenarios in which minnesota had some extended drives and things of that nature to kinda 'cause at and of course five full quarters of play will cause that He had jomar chase had a sixty two. Snaps at receiver and higgins and boy. Only at fifty one higgins left the game with some cramps. so that would explain that But you know at march as had the most snaps on the field of the wide receiver. Group was interesting to kind of see a little. Bit of a quite from tyler. Boyd expected a little bit more from him. He did have a couple of nice catches but expected more from him. Darius hajj only at one snap so that was kind of telling a little bit as to where they think he is at from a rotational basis. Plus the bengals were able to get a lot of great pressure from the interior Larry ogan jobe and bj hill were outstanding on sunday combining for three total sacks on the inside so they didn't really have a lot of us for hajj they had a lot of snaps with trey hendrickson and You know they. They moved around guys a lot. And then of course you see here. Here's my next point. Sixty eight snapped trey hendrickson. It's seventy two from sam hubbard so those two dominated the snap counts and you can see why there was only one snap on defense. For darius hodge cam sample was on the field on a rotational basis. Twenty nine snaps. So they'd really open jobe fifty nine snaps. Bj hill only twenty four snaps in had to to saxon an additional for loss. I believe so great. Great job by larry oregon jobe. Bj hill in dj reader was one of the higher rated pf players by the bengals as well so I'm taking on the field very much. Just eight snaps. logan wilson. It's seventy two snaps but it was drained pratt He had i believe eight or nine tackles. He had the forced fumble recovery the end of the game. They're tackle for loss. He had a pretty good game. Statistically had the big play at the end there so kind of an interesting day overall from the linebacker group. I mentioned the high pass. Defense grade by davis. Gather he only had sixteen snaps on defense. Ricardo allen also had a pretty good. pf score. as well. I had kind of assumed that the bengals we're going to run a lot of three safety sets in use ricardo allen out. There are quite a bit which they did on bell was out there. Jessie bates was out. There card allow was out there and they were doing all kinds of different things on defense there so that that kind of is a snapshot of the snap count and hopefully you can follow that link that i put in the live chat there to see all of how everything played out right there. Some good news and bad news here in terms of the injury front on what's going on with the cincinnati. Bengals is scary. Moment in the game. After joe borough took a sack at came up limp living a bit on one of his legs and he is apparently fine and he was was limping off the field after a drive but he is apparently fought fine. He had his knee worked on a bit earlier this week that he is good to go by all reports in this is essentially jungle dot com as well but trains is out another week in that is not good news because Ally apple was one of the defensive players as we kind of expected who had struggled a bit on on sunday unfortunately we knew he was going to We knew he was going to have some issues there. In relief of trains we knew ayla even with trae wings in we knew that the trio of offensive weapons from the minnesota vikings. We're gonna be hard to corral. We knew that and so that they can prove to be the case Ally apple had a couple of of issues on defense but overall i thought the secondary played pretty well but regardless Tradewinds is going to be out against chicago kind of figured. That may be the case. It may be about two or three games. At least we hope that that is the worst case. Scenario by zac. Taylor confirmed that this week. The joe bureau is okay from that injury that he came up Limping a bit on On sunday and then. Of course trade wayne's out so not good news on the injury front on the defensive side of the ball but some good news for joe borough and company keeping it rolling here this. Jessie bates contract situation was not resolved before the regular season started which is usually when the bengals like to take care of these kinds of things and they did not they simply did not get it. Get it done Jesse bates wants to be paid like a top safety as he should. The bengals do want to keep him. I believe but. I'm of the opinion that they just don't like to pay that. Type of money specially guaranteed money to.

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