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Is on pornography one female sexuality you can get one on maple syrup production you can get one of the history of the pig hip hop feminism you get medieval sexuality you get rednecks squares and country music vampire the evolution of a sexy monster a campus sex in the digital age quarrying food queer religion queering god querying the bible learning from youtube i'm just that's all the stuff you knew learned from youtube us youtube it what do i have to go to a horse listen i've been reached the course ascriptin the course consist of students watching youtube videos and then discussing them any also leave comments on the videos himself i think i'm already doing that exactly pay for this debt unbelievable so you know you got to rethink what we're saying is put pressure on legislators because mostly these are state funded universities it is your tax dollars going to absolutely destroyed the country we we socialism's great example right now seventy five percent of college students support socialism net grab this they cannot define what it is and they are unable to give a single example in world history were socialism is increased freedom arrays prosperity but they believe socialism's right thing then you ask them specifically about other courses like that they're unable to define the matter of fact a great example just talk to george barna national pollster he just finished a poll where the forty one percent of americans say the support socialism he then took the man and asked them specific questions about socialism found out that at the end only two percent supported socialism because they didn't know what it was but they've been told us a really good thing that's indoctrination and that's what's happening with kids.

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