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The shy and i'll see you next week and welcome to write with love today on the show on jetting to amy rights bennett inch. Thanks for joining me today. Thank you for helping me no worries up wanted you on the show for a long time and finally managed to nihil you down uh-huh i would like to tell us about yourself and your jany two publications so far or at always well. I might just start off with the basics. I've been happily married for twenty six years and i have <hes> my husband i have two daughters who are all grown growing up and have left harms empty nester as of a couple of weeks ago <hes> what else about me for took about writing up to cook love to travel i love to tomato and obese lay by books so tell us about when you face started in writing and became a couple stools is well. I am i right story romance and that's always been a <unk> since o.'s very young <hes>. I'd i read jane when i was in primary school and i think i understood half of it that from that point on. I just knew that that's what i wanted to do but it took me quite a few years actually to to knuckle down and actually i put is to the grindstone and actually get my facebook greeson. Sorry i yeah i i was a speech pathologist for twenty years and had my family and then in two thousand twelve. I decided routes. I started about eight years before dash. I'd written a couple of chapters go. I'm just gonna rot his book so took six months so of speech pathologist and the spoken to the end abed it was november two thousand twelve and i just went. What do do i do next like. I have no idea about publishing. I don't know who to submit it to sir. I joined by matt scott as a stray and <hes> i think it was about a week lifted guard it into the emerald award for unpublished manuscripts. Sorry i i joined. I entered and volunteer at came second so that was cold. <hes> at the time capturing the master strapping so it's a scottish <hes> jacobite rebellion roy mats it like atlanta. <hes> is our time travel but it's the same period of history and <hes> get it just been working on my my riding my craft since <hes> that i sort of went through rounds of mesa meeting pitching at the next few years got rejected addicted about two times but wouldn't get up in the meantime i will serve started writing some of the uk's and <hes> in two thousand and fourteen <hes> my fist regency romance cold <hes> lady beecham's proposal <hes> it got picked up by a small press so that's why i became officially published yeah and then maastricht benefits lego picked up my skate publishing in two thousand and victim and came out in two thousand sixteen so yeah i write regency and scottish historic calls and i'm a hybrid published author sir. You're off to mindy publish titles and done traditionally published as well so what was it. They pulled you into writing historic. Who's not quite contain pareo spoon this. It's fascinating may i didn't i just as i mentioned since childhood. I always loved <hes> story said in the past. I studied history at high school and i i just <hes> for me. That's my fantasy world. Yeah <hes> it's it's not like the every day and and i particularly loved the the regency area eero because of <hes> all the <hes> well the fashions like i love the clothes at the women wear you know the minute the sexy britches i. I love that they was <hes>. That was the you know. The polio wars were happening. There's a lot of social change <hes> and it was also a period buried where people started to able to marry for love not just <hes> the nobility. You know prior to that. It was very much about <hes> uh-huh marrying fool <hes> you know improving your family's most in life third marrying film condition and for money and that was still important than but he could actually mary flow as well sorry that intrigues me yeah yeah. That's cool so <hes> yeah we talk about how you traditionally end indie self-published and you've got about full series on the go at the moment say that rescue ask you pretty busy. Oh yes it does and i feel a little bit guilty. Some of my m my readers who have been waiting for so the next book to come out in one particular series <hes> yeah because i'm i'm sort of divided. I am yes. I am had them sort of coming. Juden dreads at the moment that's going to be on break defied steering bit tom yeah i've got my schedulers regency. Would i series which is so published goes. <hes> lady beecham's proposal and the ice touches <hes> <hes> they've been out for a few years now but i'm working on the third book sorry <hes> <hes> that will be coming out mixture <hes> by got some self published roxy regency novellas or if you like books on the spicy assigned went <hes> yeah there's an improper proposition improper governors and they had to say this and then <hes> yeah. I've got my traditionally published books. I got two titles with skype. Publishing which <hes> monster stretch ends in two thousand eighteen ahead on the laid back book come out and then i've also got <hes> a three book series coming out. We beckley sexually fist books. Come out <hes> it's cold had to catch a viscount and yet it's it's. It's a regency series. You know luckily can you. Can you tell us a little bit more about that so we can <hes> we can ghetto canes. Go out and buy weekly sorry. All this series is the fifth spoke in a series. It's called the disreputable debutante. Sorry it's about the group of young women who <hes> at the beginning of the book the first book they're attending a young ladies academy and and <hes> they decide to have. I guess it's a modern day equivalent of adorn party. Sorry they <hes> <hes> a drinking some brandy and smoking working cigarette lawyers and looking at <hes> account of another word for it pictures books because one of the friends decides that they they need to know what been really like walks and that he will be naive when they going into the to the marriage mile an each night walked like hells roles and and made at the time of probably looking for sorry <hes> yet i get sprung and then they get expelled sorry they've got these ruined reputation and so they have to think of other ways <hes> about how they going to to fund they love matches because they went beating invited to balls anymore and of yes i basically series flory's <hes> the journeys of of each of my heroines in the first book the heroine's dinosaur she right swell and she's a m quite a shy young woman <hes> families in a bit of financial straits and there's a lot a lot of pressure from the family to make a good marriage <hes> so they don't lose their family property <hes> and her stepfather's pressuring her to marry a a <hes> a naive but that here's a dictator. Sorry is really important for her to to get out of that situation <hes> and complicating that is she's got. I am a huge crush on her friend's older brother so he's the wicked viscounts so he's the hero story and <hes> yes focuses is on sophie and night <hes> friend's older brother and how they find the heck neighbor after lonzo my couch torreta its recently ed released so it's everywhere and pay for that and book. Yes yes and it's also going to be all is outing audiard's. Sorry that's familiar exhausting. Sorry thrilled about this this booking audio congratulations. She's into audio so yea now. I you have written <hes> they scottish historical as well and <hes> i recently come back from scotland and i'm about to write my very faced historical remains and this is basically the fittest time i'm admitting to this. This is put gas in the may. It's a i'm a huge fan. Ainley speed my spare time. We're outlay was trying to find. Jamie didn't find him but i i would love to talk to you about doing the research and stuff like i was there in my family is from scotland and i did visit my families the council glare gareth akasa which was stunning <hes> but i'm still very early days in writing this writing this historic remain so tell tell me about your crisis in your racers like. Did you have to do a whole bunch in the beginning and now you kind of know so much say you're not having to do as much research such make like that. I've been reading <hes> strand historic romance years and years. I mean that's it's my go-to genre. I'd i'd a little bit of contemporary and and crime suspense fiction but most of what i read is <hes> historical riots are <hes> you know <hes> <hes> absorbed a loss of he straight and and i guess would have a bit of word culture of the time. The periods are rushing but that's not to say. I'm not learning new things all the time light. Whenever i sit down to sit down to write a book <hes> i'm very much a plotter out <hes> yet if they say issue with <hes> an inheritance <hes> <hes> <hes> if there's <hes> by scottish story calls you know i had to know a fair bit about the jacobite rebellion and the battle of claudia in and <hes> yellow read up on those particular on topics <hes> this all sorry. I'm a a lot that's <hes> i yeah i make sure i'm correct with the <hes> the language that i use are <hes> historic story cool <hes> romance fans of a very savvy about how people spoke back then are i'm always looking at the dictionary okay and um resources like the on land online etymology dictionary gosh that's had to say to to check the phrases in the words that i'm using <hes> where actually used used time in an anachronistic <hes> yet you don't want your language to sound to motor and <hes> yeah that's something that i'm always doing yeah and yet researching researching the fashions of the time <hes> the the social moi's <hes> titles can be a on quite tricky tongs of the nobility. 'cause i rise <hes> about the aristocracy <hes> yeah you there are so many things that <hes> that you do need to shake like even now on a double check with toddlers. Write my books <hes> but i love doing it or yeah. Ah i read signs at least some particular websites that you found actually accurate eight a good places for people to go to when they went awry historical..

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