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Again. What burn down She doc that's the la maybe the la. Maybe i dig it really good Playing and singing on that. I'm a. I'm definitely interested in this ban. This is very cool. This whole thing is turned me on to start thinking about while the end of the year is coming up. You know there's some there's been a lot of great elms come out this year and a lot of these bands here today. You know. Maybe i just like a lot of people out there. I would imagine. Today's the first time. I've heard a lot of these and this is something. I'm all albums. I'm going to be looking for now. We just have a few weeks to agonize over what are picks are going to be. It's going to be. It's gonna be tough this year man. There's been so many good albums. Come on yeah every year. It's it's really hard to do. But it's fun at the same time. But i mean every year i wind up aaron and i go back and forth. And it's like usually between twenty and thirty albums. Or in my contention gotta whittle it down from there. It's not easy to do. But i hope you guys you know get into what we we play you because we try to you. You know we get that. There's a lot of stuff out there and there's all these different platforms and stuff and you know. Hopefully you trust our judgment on what's good and what isn't and you know you get some ideas of some new stuff you can get into and because a lot of people i guess it's too much work to dig for the good stuff and we're hoping we can help do that for you. Yeah absolutely and what's the radio sucks. Radio show always been about the stuff. You just not gonna hear when you turn the knob in your car. Listen to the radio in your home. You know you're going to hear those same songs over and over and over again you know. But there's room to give these new bands a chance. You know. There's take a chance on some new rock that's out there you know everyone's always gonna say well. It's not as good as when i was young. It might seem like that because it special. You know when you're not young anymore but we're not young anymore but guess what rock and roll doesn't die you know. Rock and roll doesn't get old like we do eight keeps coming you know in new generations. All the time are coming out. And like i said you know where these bands are so good. They should be getting played on radio and more people should be hearing about them. And that's why we always did. The radio sucks radio. Show just to you know. show you guys. Because we're all here together. You guys know guys know us you know you know us real well at this point and you know what our musical tastes are. Chris's tastes aren't exactly the same as mine and vice versa. You of course. Yeah but you get a nice mix though. I think you know a little bit of everything because even though we're different we're still a lot the same you know we're all big kiss fans and you know there's nothing on here. We played today. That i don't think you know maybe a hispanic couldn't get shot to or sabbath or guns and roses or metallic or all the other stuff that we love. So we've taken a chance to turn you guys onto some great rock today. Give these bands chance. And like i said if he can at the very least go give them a like on their facebook page and maybe send a message and say hey i heard your song on the decibel geek podcast and you guys are freaking awesome and that would mean a lot to us when meet a lot to them and guess what we're doing without even trying we're saving rock and roll that's right that's what it's all about so we got one last song before we get on outta here for this week and this one is special because these guys were at rock and pie this last year and they blew minds when they played. I was lucky. I got to introduce the band. That was so much fun. One of my highlights in my life right up. There had so much fun with this. They blew minds when they played live. I was lucky enough to pick up one of their. Ep's that's now probably a rare thing that you might not be able to get your hands on. I'm not sure. The only way to find out is look resistant. Bite and check out their website and see what's available out there. I'll tell you what is available. Their full debut album is available. Now it's all right. Yeah it's available now totally available. I wanted to make sure it's available now. This one i don't think is on the actual album. This one's a special track off the ep. And i really like this one a lot. What what makes it speak to me. Well i'm a huge fan of motor head. You guys know this. Chris lowes motor had to and so. I know he's going to like this. This is resistant. Bite tommy ski. Oh and the boys. What a great ban. What a great song. This is an old dilemma. And.

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