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I will be absent from the foam one good in twenty nine the doors been left open for a possible in the future. He could well be gone for good somehow a loss to phones alone. And if it's three hundred eleven starts thirty two wins championships. Really is it for him. What says like I'm your host ads. Joined joining me for discussion about things Alonzo. I is bonanza now you'll something owns expert haven't written one of the finest end up features have run the Norte sport magazine. I'd say the real Alonzo clean is a fascinating character in your mind. Yep. City very kind of you to say that about my eight year. It was probably the most enjoyable piece of ever had the pleasure of putting together spending a long time setting up interviews p work closely with Lonzo including Lonzo himself. Just trying to understand what really motivates one of the best drivers we've seen in Formula one seven in the modern era, and these these people always slightly standing apart from public scrutiny and lots of myth and superstition and misconception. Surrounds them. So it was very enjoyable tasks timepiece through and try and get understand where reality ends and fiction begins. There's a lot of myths around the skits John cut through some of that. Now also joining me to help help in that process magazine at its Kevin Cerna Alonzo's still be a big story in the multiple world twenty thousand nine he's doing ended up this five hundred finish off the season with with Toyota's ODI back at LeMond in Jamie. Does mean a bigger one story that has been lost? And he's one of the few megastar names, you can reliably on the cover of the magazine he is an it's remarkable isn't where more than five years since he's lost one win, and you can still say that about him. I mean, well, just an example on on also dot com. Lemond coverage into eighteen where it wasn't really rice because Katori to beaten sales. The numbers just because the loans I was there occupant Indy. Five hundred on the cover in two thousand seventeen because Lonzo it was there. So yeah, he's he's incredible. He still got that pulling power so long after what you would consider to be pumping Formula one. We should say that that is real is not us imposing ECI website stories at now, there's constant fascination with Lonzo. He's a genuine superstar driver and the sleet and the interesting. So the fans let's get into it. And. Informative critic and chief in the past twelve months is it entirely votes. F one that it's lost one of his biggest stars is a little bit more to the story than that. I don't think you can really say this Formula One's vote. Phone on just as well as if anyone supply. It has to be shared between Lonzo himself. I mean, he chose to walk away from phone on fatty. So McLaren would have kept him on if he'd wanted to stay hundred percent. So it was his choice to leave one didn't reject him outright. If you if you're trying to find an entity to blame for his decision to walk away from foreign one really pro re that blame has to fool with McLaren Honda because he staked a lot on that project restoring McLaren to former glories and challenging Macedo for well domination. It just didn't come together. And it's all been downhill since that project unraveled fair thing is lost four f one, but isn't effluence full econ. Correct. Who and what do we mean by F one? That's a bit strange thing that people say is the great Dr with we should be in a great car. If there were more great competitive cars than he'd be able to fly for wings and each style. You could also. Might this argument that one of the key reasons was the Alonzo it lost hype. It seemed like McClaren getting to the front within a realistic timeframe. And he was quite right because teams are competitive when he first came into formula thousand one with minority look at weather, the Benetton voters, the Bobo that sage was and if he is later winning championship championships, right?.

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