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I've known you for quite a long time. We probably each other for at least ten years now So it it's a really interesting way and really uplifting way to read about lessons that you can learn because they're They're from lots of different sources. But i'm told me a little bit more about about him. What other lessons did you learn from him. Because there's a lot of stuff in this book we can't. We don't have time to go through all of it. Well he had been in the military in korea and he had been a trainer of the other soldiers in terms of basically the battle hanrahan stuff so he was really rough. Now this i wasn't used to ours used to school and academia and it might need rush in the sense of mentally hard but for example. One time he did a sweep on me any caught me off at the back of my side it had roost big felt like fist inside of it so he was very hard in of these. I learned from him because in the beginning. I thought i can't do that. I wouldn't even be emotionally capable of kicking somebody. How could i possibly so hard. I didn't just get hate him. Bruce l. looks like a fist. And i'm back at somebody's side but i do this. I if you if you just grabbed my rich too i thought. Oh no can't do me. In then i found out it was hard it was fired. It was rough scared me to death and wasn't so hard i couldn't do. It wasn't scared. And i was able to go to trim i went tonight. I tournament at three months into the program. I had no idea how far he's just threw in and he said usually only women the school you have to go to this tournament. Had somebody represented in the women's division most of the time when we went to the women's division in those days there wasn't a fishing. I had a thought spar with guys and dead no protective stuff. I just said i'm gonna put you in mouthguard at least and they all laughed at me and the first tournament i went to. I broke three rooms. Torme sarim but that's not how it is nowadays. However i really tough and then it was myself can i. Can i ask you something about that. Carol because i think you know. I mean you. You're you're what about twenty eight years old now but but in those days what. What year was that when you went to that tournament. I seventy one. So i think a lot of people now in the martial arts industry in the in the business that maybe listening to this i i would love to have this part of our interview sent to everybody. They don't realize that when you were younger..

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