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If I'm not commuting anymore. Where do I really want to live? Well, you handle life's questions. Merrill. Guided investing helps you manage your portfolio and invest for your next move with the option to work with an advisor at a low cost and minimum. Merrill, a Bank of America company visit Merrill edge dot com slash investing goals to get started today, investing involves risk. Maryland's Pierce veteran Smith incorporated both the Register broker dealer, an investment advisor members I P. C investment products are not FBI SEEN shirt or not? Bank guaranteed may lose Value Liberty Mutual Insurance Company customizes Your Here's insurance. So you only pay for what you need. Great as a minimalist. I need simple insurance. Nice place, no furniture, nothing spark joy, Except for this fruit bowl. Well, with liberty Mutual, you only pay for what you need. So there's that. I mean, look so beautiful, so empty again. Only pay for what you need at liberty mutual dot com. With the lights go down in the city. It's time for the Mark Willard show. Okay. NPR 1045 and 6 80, ft Sports leader. Mark Wheeler show continues. I really appreciate you being with us tonight. Thank you. So, so much great to have you And while we're thanking people Matty Naoko, NBC Sports Bay Area Lindsay Rhodes, NFL roads and show podcast..

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