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Well you know what i've learned see what the spread take some of the heat away have you laugh right when you registered delicious you're like oh you're in a battle for your life it gives you that russian makes your home more allow loving wife right now a lot of history a lot of cultural information in this show as well even though you're talking about food what better way to represent history and culture then through food and fried chicken is a perfect example of just how dan's a subject can be one of the reasons it's dances rarely do people want to talk about the terrible hardships that fried chicken was born out of and um in and then presenting questions like should you even talk about it should you even know the history of fried chicken to enjoy fried chicken because fried chicken in and of itself is delicious and these are these are some of the conversations which are now how long does it take you to put together one of these episodes given how far you have to travel to do so i mean the shooting guard uh it i want to say it's easy but in terms of putting it together i have va very little to nothing to do with it this is really the magic in crossman genius of morgan novel in the whole team of tremelo eddie schmidt jason's all this and uh caitlyn rogers there's there's this many many people that work incredibly hard to make this into a key he's of story if it was just me and and and and it would not make any sense well it when it comes to you though you do you miss being in the kitchen when you're doing a show like this when you're putting together a documentary certainly not being in the kitchen but i've been sore stepping out of the kitchen for quite some time now even though i'm stepping back in it right now with the new restaurant but the reality is this show and be able to travel was the catalyst for many new ideas not that you you are inspired by but just the mere fact of tasting going in travelling is a in awakening moment and you begin to.

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