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Spirituality of dystopia. Yeah. Yeah. I think that's true. I do see that. And and that's I think that's disheartening to you know. And I don't think it's I don't think it leads to you know, hope right? I don't think it leads to optimism or hope. But yeah, I mean, I I appreciate what you're saying about the book in the sense that it does try to weave story through. Science and pop culture about the possibilities of new type of science. And I think that, you know, in some ways that that new type of science has arrived in some ways, I think that they're scientists themselves, especially when you see them get on television. Right. A popular a popular science book, you know, they traffic and all of these kind of fantastic scientific ideas now. Right. And they had a sense of kind of excitement and in a sense of wonder, and I mentioned Brian Greene earlier. But you know, there's also Michio Kaku. There's many scientists who have a real sense of kind of on wonder about nature and its many mysteries. Right. Whether that's entanglement or non locality or dark matter dark energy or the multi-diverse or or higher dimensions. You know, or the many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics? There have been in the last fifty years, these kind of fen tastic pieces of science that kind of come back in the back door, even even even while scientists themselves try to try to keep them out. So. So I think they kind of have come back, and I think science some scientists, especially scientists who right popular science. They in many ways, they can help themselves. They have to bring these things in because, you know, people doing popular science need and want by it. Now, they want to sell books, and you know, the way to do that is to is to sort of have this kind of excitement, right? Have this kind of more open ended science have these kind of more fantastic scientific notions or more mysterious scientific notions on which may be in an earlier era. Scientists are more quickly to kind of sleep under the rug. So I think it's possible that in the coming decades, you will see more of this. You will see more kind of open reflections about physics and consciousness studies, right or different kinds of combinations. That that many scientists before in in some ways because they were professionalizing and building their sciences, we're kind of against, but now maybe this who knows maybe there's going to be a new open. Innis to this. I hope so great. What's great work? Our guest again has been Dr Christopher white the book that you're gonna want to check out other worlds spirituality in the search for invisible. Dimensions. Now, you can find the book in the normal way. Is right. Chris amazon. Yeah, you can get from Amazon you can if you like it leave a review on Amazon, you can get it through Harvard University presses website. They sell the book on as well. It's published by Harvard University press, and if any wants to reach out to me, they can find me at Vassar. They can also follow me on Twitter. I'm at Chris underscore Jesus. And George underscore white on some happy to happy to communicate with people. If they want to reach out great. I'm sure there'll be a bunch of people reaching out on the forum after this show. So you have a minute. I'll set you up. So you can pop over there and see what people are saying because. That'd be great. That'd be great for us. It's it's right up. Our alley, and you've you've just mass some amazing work in this area. So it's been great having on a thank you again so much for coming on skeptical. Thanks so much, Alex. Great great talking to you for for an hour. Okay. Let's do it again. All right. Let's do again. Again. Thanks again, deductor Chris white for joining me today in skeptical. I guess I'd have one question to tee up from this interview. And that is what do you make of the premise of Chris's book? Is there a subtler deeper interplay between science, and spirituality, and is it being revealed to a certain extent in technology, advancement? I think that's a really interesting topic to explore and I'm really interested to see what you have to say about it because there's so many different directions, we could take and I'm not even sure where I stand on it. So that's why these shows by the way is I need y'all to straight me out, which you do so often end clarify my thinking on these things. I can't tell you enough. How often that occurs? I learned from you. That's what show is all about. That's the payoff for me. So join me over in the skeptical form or other places and tell me your thoughts. Have a couple of really cool shows coming up, please stay with me for all of that. And until next time. Bye for now.

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