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Junkie radio. It's the monday september twentieth. Show being delivered early on a sunday. Go i guess in order did go. first you'll see. Fight was kind of like a matinee show. It started at one pm pacific four. Pm eastern with the prelims and then it moved onto a seven pm eastern four pm pacific and then that was followed by by balladur. Susko you have see i in. Yeah we'll do that. Starting with the the results. Mechanical they took care of. Emily whitmire gustavo. Lopez in haley alloting sought to a draw. Carlson harris and defeated inca cussing nine in blanchfield defeated. Sir alf jackson view. Jp bay bays. Excuse me zoo. Wrong defeated brandon jenkins raquel pennington defeated panicky amazon. To the chuck. We repeated mike rodriguez and then we got to the main card. Walking buckley defeated antonio arroyo nate mantis defeated only gravely arment secureand late. Sarokin defeated christos zhigo's. Ram lipsky defeated mandy bomb yang. Who's alaba defeated. David clarke anthony smith defeated ryan span in the main event. The bonuses went to anthony smith. Arman sarokin nate madness in walking buckley. So that's a quick recap there and of course the start off right at the top goes anthony smith versus ryan span. This one had some eat going in it had some meat eat coming out of it and then both guys were able to kinda squash. It was kind of odd. It was funny because spun Span was kinda hurt early on but never recovered from it. Seemed like in anthony. Smith just kept that pressure when he wants to be men he for the most part. He's a pretty smart fighter. Anthony likes to take some chances here on there and they almost paid off in this one. But i think he had rocked them early. And i think you just kinda kept them rock so once he was able to finish him off yet he did not where we want to get out of the space was talking down to him and tell him something that we figured out later. The problem is we have to figure it out later. 'cause stupid espn. They don't bleep words. They just bleat the whole minute i mean it's just it's terrible mainly you never really know what's going on. So then the security came in and separated them and after a while. I think you could tell it was it seemed like span figure things out and you just wanna come over and squash. Whatever be they had But you know it was good while lasted. It was kind of a quick one but the fight was interesting. Yeah big win for anthony smith. He was very very fired up. He eastern Is fighting for his respect and i think there was some prefight media. That was done that. He didn't take too kindly to so he kind of carried that over a lot of fighters will sometimes make a bigger deal out of nothing. I'm not saying that was the case here and some will actually take it to heart. You know Words that are said and carry it with them and it makes them perform better. Now i say in ways because the ones that carry a with him that's just their personality and that's them right but i think there's some that will actually not manufacturer but like i guess bring something. That really really is something. That doesn't bother them but they just need that edge you know so they wanna be mad at you. Then they can. They can dismiss the quickly fr anthony smith. I really felt like he felt kinda a little jilted in. He wanted to make good. Any wanted to make spun pays. Yeah he wins At three forty seven of the first round he defeats ryan span. It was a submission rear naked choke and then he kind of stood over room. Security filled up look like a boxing ring. Once everyone you know in the blackshirts between the commission and the security and and the teams were inside the cage I it filled up quickly but they kept them separated and then spun. Gotta give him credit. He says i'm good. I'm good you know. Let me get to him. They get to each other and right away. They had quick exchange of words and then a couple bro hug and that was nice to see for for them to shut it down And and just kind of learned from it. You know they're going to be best friends after this knows Think a few weeks ago we had was a conscious and jamal hill while we had jamal hill on the show we were talking about. How later on them to kinda partied a little you know. I don't think these did that. But at least a squash the beef. I mean it was weird. 'cause they kinda did but then the press conference it went. Anthony brought it up again. It was kinda like he added a little bit more to it so kind of like well. Maybe it wasn't squash saturn. There's some people who like no matter what you say. Things just aren't going to be right and that's okay. I'm okay with that because ryan fan. Didn't have to say the things he said. Once you say that you have to be willing to accept whatever comes out of the situation you can't. You can't cry when somebody's being mean to you after you've said certain things to that individual right so that's something he's got to live with it. It's his fault. He lost the fight and then he can say whatever he wants but Yeah i don't think they're gonna be partying anytime soon. You're sure if anthony smith said. Hey i want alexander rackets. He's not signed to do anything you know and he be a beat anthony smith so anthony. Smith wanna get down back. He decisioned on Let's see here. It was last year. I was about a year ago. Actually and so wreckage has a two five win streak. He's being smith and santos is also one the only loss he has his can ozdemir. Otherwise he's been on a pretty nice tear of just wins. Goes since two thousand twelve brackets. So i wanna be respectful. Anthony smith is a former colleague of ours at sirius. Xm i really like them. But i just think racket which is probably look in the mix it up with someone else. Now to be fair smith away phrased it was the way you want to phrase it. Hey look you haven't done anything yet. So if you wanna get busy. Let's throw down you know. And i'm down to see that i'm down to see. That wreckage needs a paycheck. And he wants to stay relevant than i'm down to see him. anthony's thing as these smith has definitely earned that you know being a title contender at one point a title challenger and now winning three zero sir. You know i think that could maybe work and the guys lost to iraq jr lever to share john jones. But other than that. He's one know he's got some nice wins. He's got like seven and three run. If you wanna go back to about june of two thousand eighteen if you even want to go back. Further to december of two thousand sixteen. He's on a now. I may be leading into his middleweight career. But he's got a. It would be like a thirteen in four run. So anthony smith definitely is a viable contender. He could get thrown around basically against anybody in the division. It's interesting because you can't hate him. He he called his shot even though it sorta didn't make much sense right. But what was funny. Was rackets actually responded so quickly that this being was able to tell him what he just tweeted was basically I'm free in in december. We wanna do this. You know so all that just happened at the spur of the moment. But that's a good example of somebody just taking the opera seizing the moment taking that opportunity and getting what they want..

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