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One of your best corners perhaps you have a better corner then you put it you put a better corner there if charles woodson is your corner he can't be both sorry i know what you wanna do but no you can't do that being said i'm looking for your twenty to eleven on the offense inside eleven on the defense is that if you decide that there's no why receivers are in your top your top eleven maybe you wanted a wishbone go wishbone but that'd be your eleven players on offense if you decided you want to have an extra wide receiver as posed to a running back that's your that's your choice it's on you you're eleven on offense your eleven on defense you want to have an extra corner take a safety out you want to have an extra safety take take take take a corner out on you you want to have an extra linebacker you want to run a three four four three that's on you but i want your top twenty two offense defense don't wanna hear oh he going back ways no i'll hang up on you oh yeah i know how to hang up on you to matt battle sit here no he will hang up yes he will and then we'll just stop won't do it anymore if you continue to do it i'm saying i want you you twenty two that's it dumps it did somebody say something to set you perturb you in some way about somebody said they at the wasn't somewhat it was a group of people that decided to text me and asked me what i got this like jj said and this and that no if you want i don't want to weigh players i don't i'm the i'm looking for you twenty two that's why i said twenty two and say i'm looking for your number one guy i didn't say give me your number one got overall best player didn't say that i said give me your twenty two i'm willing to stick my neck i'll give you my twenty two you'll give me your twenty two if you don't wanna do it don't call in but if you do please i want to hear them and i'll give you mine and you'll give you there's right i've got my i've got the correct so that that's what i'm saying i get it and they dustup a theory of these guys in the olden days they played both ways i get it we'll see again like a guy like charles woodson yeah i you know him he's he is a defensive player but when you go way back guy like tom harmon he play both sides but choose which one you want okay what position you want what position do you want to do you want to be your kicker here's your kicker okay we're not doing specialty but i'm saying kicker he's your kicker he did average more than fifty yards appoint when he got that opponent okay if you want them on that team and he needs to be on that team he's done on your office you say i gotta punter jane a player a player can only show up once right on your list of twenty two that is one of the stipulations and i guess it's your show so i guess we'll let you make the rules hey so your list of twenty two where you can go eleven on the offense eleven on the defense you can have a little a little variation so if you want to.

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