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Play to make as a center. Where you snap the ball. And you've gotta get your hands up and you gotta get underneath your opponent. Stand him up when you have someone like brandon williams or claes campbell from baltimore. That's right over top of you. That's a tough play to make. And so i feel like there's going to be more issues in pass blocking than there were last season. But let's also not forget. That last season was when ben rothlisberger was swinging the ball. Two point two seconds and part of me now in hindsight looks and says maybe dow was based on the fact that the steelers could not protect him for a four five. Six seven six step dropback. They couldn't do it. It makes me feel like last. Season's offensive line. The passing numbers they in terms of sacks allowed was nothing but a mirage. It was nothing but smoke and mirrors. And so we'll see. I wish cy hip hop that. I had some type of more tangible answer for you. But i don't think anyone knows i do think they're going to be better in rushing and i do think they might struggle in pass blocking but i do think there'll be okay. I really really do okay last question here in the mail bag. Rob davis asked. Do you think the cornerbacks are good enough to compete. Well one side is fine. And now it'd be none other than joe haden. Joe haden in my opinion is still a really really good cornerback. Now is he what he was ten years ago. Now is he what he was. Five years ago. Joe haden himself joe haden himself said he thinks he's every bit as fast as he was five years ago and now he has. That veteran mind that veteran presence. I'm not worried about joe haden. i'm. I'm worried about him staying healthy. But i'm not worried about joe haden who's opposite of joe haden. I mean james. Peer is he the guy or is cam sutton the guy or are the steelers going to be running this gambit of rotating defensive backs what is going to look like this the one position in my opinion other than say the battle which i don't even think that's a competition anymore but still it's a one position where i don't think anyone knows we know the projected offensive line now. We don't know how they're going to do. But we know who they are. We are the wide receivers the quarterbacks we know the safeties even linebackers defensive front cornerback. No clue no clue especially with our antoni. Hindle internal antwon brooks getting released waived injured. No clue not one. So it's going to be interesting. It's going to be interesting. I do think that if they can find a either a player whether that is james pierre air or whether that someone else i do feel like if they can find that player that can go opposite joe haden in even even if they have to have some situation changes. I think they'll be okay. That defense is good enough. They're going to get pressure on the quarterback. But that's going to be tough question. Mark that i have on this team really is From a personnel standpoint is cornerback. All right so. I know there's a lot of stuff to cover. I know i had to do the breaking news at the beginning. Talking about the five players released in idaho. I'll be back on friday. And i will be talking more about this panther's game. Hopefully we as fans will know something about who's playing who's not. I'll do my segment with mr captain. Blue checkmark mr michael beck will be joining me and You know we'll be getting you ready for the weekend. So in in the meantime have a happy hump day. Do and i will be back on friday.

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